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10 Fun Facts About Cats


Cats, which melt everyone’s hearts with their cuteness, have been among people’s best friends throughout history and have helped us in many ways. There are some fun facts about these creatures, who sometimes help protect grain stores and sometimes sleep on our laps just to make us happy!

1- Only 20% of Orange Cats are Female

Colors and gender have a direct connection in cats. When it comes to orange cats, the proportion of female cats is quite low. If your cat is orange and female, you can say that she is a pretty special cat!

2- Cats’ Taste Buds Are Very Weak

Although cats have become a trademark for food pickiness, they have fewer taste buds than dogs and humans. The number of taste buds, which is 9000 in humans and 1700 in dogs, is known to be only 473 in cats.

3- Cats’ teeth do not rot

Tooth decay is very rare in cats. Although dental problems can occur in older cats, the chance of having a cavity is one in a million.

4- Cats Get Energy After Going Toilet

Although the exact reason is unknown, it is known that cats run and act more energetically after going to the toilet.

5- Cats’ Whiskers Are Very Sensitive

Cat whiskers act like nerve endings. Humans are known to have sensitivity similar to their fingertips.

6- Cats Are Myopic, But They Can See Very Well in the Dark

Cats have difficulty seeing and focusing on objects closer than one foot away. In such cases, they use their mustaches to understand what is in front of them. It is known that they see much better in the dark than in the light.

7- Cats and Brown Bears Have the Same Number of Brain Cells

Although a bear’s brain is about 10 times larger than a cat’s, they have the same number of cells in their cerebral cortex.

8- Cats Use Their Nails to Hold Things

Cats’ grasping abilities are highly developed thanks to their nails. Sometimes they can even be seen using their nails to pull objects towards them.

9- Cats’ Navels Are Very Similar to Lions and Tigers

The sweet swelling found on the belly of cats is also seen in the same way in lions and tigers.

10- Cats Scratch Furniture to Mark Their Territory

Cats not only mark their territory by leaving marks with urine, but they can also mark by scratching.

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