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3 tricks to remove dirt from the fan and that do not require so much effort – Teach me about Science

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In the hot days like those who are spanking Is almost Prohibited of primaverafans are that help that we need within the home. However, its constant use can lead to the accumulation of dust y dirtwhich may affect your efficiency And till our health. Fortunately, clean them It doesn't have to be a complicated task if we know how to do it correctly. That is why today we bring you some tricks so that you can clean your fan by way of effective without failing in the attempt.


To start, regular cleaning is essential. This involves removing dust from the fan At least once a week. We simply need a rag or cloth to clean las surfaces exteriors of the device and ensure that no dirt accumulates.

Cleaning with homemade ingredients

When the fan is dirtier than habitual, it's time for a deeper clean. We can turn to some homemade tricks using common ingredients that we all have at home. For example, a mixture of toothpaste, white vinegar, warm water, liquid soap and alcohol can be effective in removing stubborn dirt from fan blades. We apply this mixture with a spray bottle, let it act for a few minutes and then remove it with a clean cloth.

We can also use products antigrasa to clean the fan parts. However, it is important to dry all surfaces thoroughly to avoid accidentssince the water and electricity You don't want to know what can happen if they get together.

If the fan can be dismantled, the task is simplified considerably. With the help of a screwdriver and some materials cleaning like brushesmild soap and disinfectant, we can thoroughly clean all parts of the device, including the quotation marks y he motor. This will be easier for you because each piece can be cleaned separately. individual and without the need to delve into corners just to reach a certain area we want to clean.

Of course, before starting any cleaning task, We must always disconnect the fan from the power and follow the instructions of the manufacturer if we go to dismantle it.

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What happens if we have a tower fan?

Cleaning this type of fans is also important to ensure their efficiency and durability. In this case, we can use a vacuum cleaner with a small brush to vacuum the grilles of the fan, or a duster to remove dust from exterior surfaces. Furthermore, it is recommendable use aire pill for a deeper cleaning of the grates.

We can not forget us from cleaning of the exterior from the fan. With the help of a microfiber moistened in a mixture of soap and water, we can remove stains and dirt accumulated in the the casing of the device. Of course, make sure it is completely dry, otherwise Otherwise there will be a risk of download.

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