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5 credit cards that give you an almost certain YES regardless of your history in the Credit Bureau – Enséñame de Ciencia

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FUENTE: Punishment

From the moment someone apply for some type of credit or loanwhether to acquire a card, a personal loan or financing For assets such as cars or homes, that information is registered in the Credit Bureau, in your name and with all your information. This record also includes data on payments made, their punctuality, as well as the non-compliance or delays.

Fall into Credit bureau It's not bad at all, we all will be bad at some point. Rather, The situation feared by many is having a bad credit history.exported in Credit bureau. This occurs when a person faces difficulties in meeting their financial obligations, either due to economic problemsperiods of unemployment, illness or other factors.

What can you not do if your credit history is unfavorable?

The repercussions of falling into Credit bureau They may be significant. Financial institutions use this information to assess the risk of grant credits to certain people. Those with a negative credit history may face difficulty obtaining new credit in the future. In addition, some companies also consult the Credit bureau by offering services such as insurance plans cell phone or cable television.

But, What would happen if I told you that, even with a negative history in Bureau, you can apply for credit cards? That's right, these cards can be a salvation for those who need access to almost immediate credit but have difficulty obtaining it or are going through a bad streak and will be able to recover that money over time and with a more consolidated financial organization.

Below, we present the 5 credit cards that you can apply for even with a not so good credit history

Vexi American Express Credit Card

This card offers a series of benefits including interest-free months, insurance and assistance, as well as the VexiCashback program. Most attractively, it has no lifetime annuity, making it an attractive option for those who want to avoid additional fees.

Klar credit card

Klar offers a proposal without annuity, without commissions for contracting or opening, and without maintenance commissions. Only two things are required to apply: an official identification and authorization to review the applicant's credit history.

Stori credit card

This card stands out for having a 99% approval rate, regardless of the applicant's credit history. In addition, it offers STORI ACCOUNT+, which allows you to earn 15% more with the money available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Hey Credit Line

This option provides a line of credit that varies from $1,500 to $500,000 pesos, depending on the card requested. It offers cash rewards, interest-free months, and the ability to improve your interest rate by paying on time.

BanBajío Guaranteed Credit Card

This card offers several benefits, such as the Cash Back loyalty program, exclusive promotions, the Dining Rewards program, and VISA benefits. It also provides options such as VISA CASHBACK and registration for automatic payment of services. In addition, it has a backup that includes card replacement and emergency cash, price protection and shielding against unrecognized charges.

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