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Access the Python course that Raspberry Pi offers FREE AND ONLINE for TEACHERS – Teach me about Science

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Python is a language programming versatile and high-level that has gained enormous popularity in recent years. They are syntax clear and legible, along with its wide range of applications, making it convert in a tool ideal for both beginners and professionals experienced in it world of programming. It is used in a variety of fields, from web development and artificial intelligence to automation and the analysis of data.

Python course for teachers

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has recently opened a course on Pyhton For those who want to teach how to use the programto. This course aims to provide educators with the tools and knowledge necessary to teach programming effective in the classroom.

Below, we present the main topics that will be covered throughout the course:

1.-Basic programming concepts such as repetition and sequencing

You will learn the essential fundamentals of programming, including how programs are structured and how instructions are executed in a specific order. You will understand concepts such as repetition, which will allow you to execute a series of instructions multiple times, and sequencing, which refers to the order in which instructions are executed.

2.-When and how to use a 'for' loop, an 'if' statement, a 'while' loop and functions

You'll become familiar with basic Python control structures, such as for and while loops, which allow you to repeat a block of code until a specific condition is met. You will also learn how to use 'if' statements to make decisions in your program and define your own functions to reuse code and make your program more modular and maintainable.

3.-Creating your own program to solve a simple problem

You will apply what you learn in the course to design and develop your own program from scratch. You will learn to identify a problem, plan a solution, and write the code necessary to implement it. This part of the course will help you put your programming skills into practice and gain confidence in your abilities.

4.-The basics of Python syntax

You will be introduced to Python-specific syntax, including the structure of code blocks, declaring variables, defining functions, and manipulating lists and dictionaries. Understanding syntax is essential for writing clear, efficient, and easy-to-understand Python code.

5.-How to interpret error messages

You will learn to identify and correct common errors that may arise when writing and running programs in Python. Knowing how to interpret error messages will help you debug your code effectively and improve your troubleshooting skills.

Registration and certification

Accessing the course is simple, you just have to create an account on the platform. official edX courses and enter the course. Both registration and participation in the course are enabled automatically. totally free. However, for those interested in obtain an official course certificationa modest amount of 54 euros must be given to receive your certificate.

Link to the course: Sign up and access the course for FREE Programming 101: An Introduction to Python for Educators de la Fundación Raspberry Pi

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