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Adopting a Stray Cat – Home Adaptation Process


Known for their freedom and independent character, cats are seen everywhere, especially in animal-friendly countries such as Turkey. It is a matter of great curiosity whether we can accustom the cats living outside, which sometimes accompany us in a street or sometimes in a cafe, to home.

Based on the opinions expressed by experts and the experiences of people who accustom these free creatures to their homes, we have listed everything you need to know about this subject.

How to Adapt a Cat Living on the Street to Home?

You should not forget that cats shape their lives with certain habits throughout their lives. These habits manifest themselves in the same way for all our friends, whether they are house cats or stray cats.

You can follow the tips below to get your cat used to its new living space:

  • Create climbing areas for your cat: Cats instinctively love adventure and climbing. You should not forget that a cat you take home will have the same instincts. You can make your cat’s adaptation process faster by preparing more than one climbing area in your home.
  • Create “level” play areas for your cat: Create playgrounds where your cat can reach high points so that he can move more easily. For example, you can put a table in front of the window and let it stand on top. In the same way, you can prepare a bookshelf where he can climb and sit.
  • Choose interactive games and toys: Cats taken home from the street are especially accustomed to living with moving objects. Choosing moving, interactive cat toys instead of fixed toys will allow your cat to adapt to the home environment much faster.

Although a cat living on the street will definitely need an adaptation period when it comes home, after this process, it will be able to spend its life in a safe, warm home without any problems if you provide the appropriate environment.

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