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AI reveals what Serena from Sailor Moon would look like in real life – Teach me about Science

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Have I ever wondered what Serena from Sailor Moon would look like in real life? An artificial intelligence reveals an impressive image of the most beloved protagonist in the world of anime.

Serena Tsukino, a young blonde with blue eyes and small stature, a lover of video games. Serena's charisma and nobility has won over more than one who has seen this very famous anime, and it is no wonder.

Sailor Moon is an anime that consists of five seasons, each and every one of them carrying the thread from the first season, and although it is not a recent anime, it has managed to stay in our hearts for a long time.

In anime, real life has no place, and on more than one occasion we have been left waiting to see the most realistic version of both the Sailor Moon characters, as well as any other anime we have seen.

But so as not to be left with doubt any longer! Artificial intelligence has arrived to bring to life those images that have remained in a cartoonish version. Several realistic images of anime characters have already been known, and this time it was Serena from Sailor Moon.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is “a set of technologies that enable computers to perform a variety of advanced functions, including the ability to see, understand and translate spoken and written language, analyze data, make recommendations, and much more.” >, according to the official portal of Google.

The MDTECH portal was the one who published the photos of Serena from Sailor Moon in a realistic version, and confirms that they were obtained through artificial intelligence, so take a look!

This is what Serena would look like if she were a person in real life

Image credit: MDTECH
Image credit: MDTECH
Image credit: MDTECH

You can see Serena with her two unique 'onions' in her bun-like hairstyle, and a pretty cool tiara that she wears in her long, golden hair. And not to mention the iconic costume that represents her, with a big red bow and a little more 'cool' gloves.

In this image of the most real version of Serena we can continue to see a look that radiates nobility and tenderness.

Without a doubt, seeing the most realistic image of Serena has caused great nostalgia in all of us who love this anime.

Finally, we once again reinforce the idea that technology has advanced by leaps and bounds and that it has given us the best images and possibilities that we have seen. Contrary to what many believe, artificial intelligence has come to give us a different perspective of what we thought we knew, and, clearly, it has benefited us on more than one occasion.

The important thing about the advancement of technology is that we manage to handle it with care and due responsibility, given that it can become a 'double-edged sword', a situation that no one would want, truly.

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