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American Bobtail – a cat with a short tail


Although the American Bobtail looks like a lynx, it is a pet, completely devoted to its owner. Additionally, he is extremely sensitive and values ​​contact with his family. Get to know this adorable breed better and learn more about its needs.

Basic information


time: 5-9 kg

height: 35-40 cm

ointmentall are acceptable
length of lifeapprox. 15 years
main featuresbalanced, quiet, sociable

Appearance and breed standard

An adult cat of this breed reaches 35 to 40 centimeters, regardless of gender, but the weight varies depending on gender – a female cat weighs from 5 to 8 kilograms, while a cat weighs from 6 to 9 kilograms. The cat’s head is broad, with large eyes and rounded ears, and the overall body structure is robust. These cats have hind legs slightly longer than their front legs.

The breed comes in two varieties – short-haired and long-haired. The coat of both is soft and dense, with an undercoat. The long-haired variety also has characteristic fur feathers on the pants and thighs.

The cat’s hallmark is a shortened tail, which was probably the result of a spontaneous genetic mutation. It is covered with long and thick fur. It is a perfect reflection of the pet’s humor and current well-being. Moreover, the gene that is responsible for tail length may cause differences in tail length in each American Bobtail.

Kittens and breeding

When deciding to buy a cat, it is worth carefully considering the choice of breeding to avoid health problems in the future that could have been prevented. By choosing a reputable farm, you can be sure that it is carried out in an ethical manner. However, there are currently no breeding farms for this breed in Poland, so it will be necessary to adopt a cat from a foreign breeding farm. The breed is also not very popular in Europe.

Kittens are priced around 900 to 1,200 euros. The price may depend on various factors, such as the reputation of a given breeding farm, the appearance of the kitten and its compliance with the breed standard, the health of the cat’s parents or their possible achievements.

History of the breed

American bobtail

The origin of cats of this breed is not entirely clear. It is said that the cats are the result of a cross between a brown domestic cat and an American lynx, but there are insufficient documents and evidence confirming its origin. A cat’s short tail is probably the result of a spontaneous gene mutation.

The breeding of cats of this breed began in the 1960s, with a male owned by the Sanders family named Yodi, who was crossed with a colorpoint female. Breeding of the breed had difficult beginnings, as initially there were problems resulting from inbreeding and there were problems with selecting appropriate individuals for breeding. In the 1980s, however, it was decided to move away from the previous standards regarding the appearance of the breed, which allowed it to develop further.

The international TICA association officially recognized the breed in 1989.

American Bobtail – character and disposition

Cats of this breed are very energetic and sociable, so they are perfect as a family cat. In addition, they love spending time with their guardian and appreciate every contact. Even though they have a moderate need for exercise, they require an appropriate amount of play every day. The American Bobtail is suitable for contact with children – it can be gentle and affectionate, but all play should be under the supervision of an adult.

The breed developed without human interference, which is why its representatives are very intelligent. They easily learn new commands and commands, and they will do great in the wild. These cats do not tend to run away, but they are very curious, so it is worth equipping yourself with appropriate safety nets for the balcony.

Upbringing and training

These cats are exceptionally intelligent and curious by nature, thanks to which they learn quickly – including through play and exploration of the environment. You can teach your pet to walk on a leash or do various tricks. Choose a friendly atmosphere during the lesson, provide your cat with adequate exercise and praise its progress with praise or treats.

Also, make sure to teach your child how to be clean and teach them how to use the litter box. For your pet’s comfort, choose the litter according to its needs – especially if it is a long-haired variety. Thanks to this, you will avoid litter spreading around the house.

Also remember to provide your pet with appropriate socialization so that it learns to react to the presence of strange people or animals. Fortunately, these cats get along very well with other animals, including dogs, so it shouldn’t be a major challenge.

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Toys for the American Bobtail

These cats love to play, are mobile, active and curious by nature, so toys such as balls, mice and fishing rods are perfect for them. It is also a great idea to equip your pet with a variety of interactive toys that will provide the cat with something engaging to do when the owner is away, as these cats do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Moreover, this type of toys stimulate the cat’s innate abilities and natural instincts. Every home where a cat lives should also have a suitable scratching post where the cat can rub its claws and satisfy its innate scratching instinct. Thanks to this, you will protect your home furnishings from damage.

American bobtail – care

Grooming treatments depend on the breed variety. The American Shorthair Bobtail has shorter hair, so its care will not be difficult, but it requires regularity. It is recommended to brush your cat at least once a week. A long-haired cat, however, requires brushing several times a week. Such treatments will keep your cat’s fur and skin in the best condition. During the shedding period, brushing should be done daily, using a rubber or silicone comb and a poodle brush.

You should also remember to regularly check the condition of your cat’s eyes and ears, as well as maintain proper hygiene. Stains around the eyes can be removed with an appropriate preparation, while the ears can be cleaned gently with a cotton swab or a cotton bud using a special ear preparation. Also take care of your cat’s claws and trim them when necessary.

During the shedding period, your pet loses a moderate amount of hair.

Diet and nutrition

A cat’s diet must cover its daily caloric needs and provide all the necessary vitamins and minerals. Omega-3 and omega-6 acids will have a positive effect on the condition of your pet’s fur and skin.

Bobtail should be fed high-quality cat food to ensure the cat’s proper condition and well-being. The cat can be fed both wet and dry food. Keep in mind that the breed has a tendency to be overweight and obese, so if necessary, it is worth using easily digestible light food. Make sure to maintain regular meal times and provide the appropriate daily amount of food.

You can also feed your cat with a self-prepared BARF diet, but it is worth remembering that this is a solution for people with excellent knowledge of nutritional requirements. It also requires regular supplementation.

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Health and life expectancy

The breed is considered healthy, resistant and durable. However, they tend to gain excessive weight, which is why these cats require a carefully selected diet. You should choose high-quality food and follow appropriate food doses.

Due to the structure of the spine, these cats also have a certain predisposition to hip dysplasia. Regular check-ups and monitoring of the cat’s health are recommended. As with other cats, dental problems can also occur, so regularly checking the condition of the oral cavity and maintaining good hygiene is crucial for the health of your cat.

These cats usually live for about 15 years.

Who is the breed suitable for?

Due to its sociable nature and calm temperament, this cat will be an ideal companion for families, including families with children. It is also suitable for older people if provided with adequate exercise. This cat will also do well in homes with other animals.

However, it is worth remembering that the breed does not tolerate loneliness well, so it will not be a good choice for a very busy person who stays away from home for a long time.


  • easy to care for,
  • is intelligent and learns quickly,
  • attached to its owner,
  • has a distinctive appearance.


  • has a tendency to gain weight.

Popular names

Cat names Names for female cats
Bobby, Rysiu, Feliks, Benek, Żbik, Leo, Mochi, Tobi, Ginger, Puszek, Fluffy. Daisy, Lola, Iskra, Amber, Luna, Psota, Nela, Myszka, Pchełka, Minnie, Fryga.

Frequently Asked Questions

American bobtail price

The price ranges from 900 to 1200 euros.

American longhair bobtail, American shorthair bobtail cat

There are two varieties of the breed – long-haired individuals have longer hair and have characteristic feathers on their thighs and trousers. Both varieties have thick and soft fur.

American Bobtail cat breeding

The breed is still rare in Poland and Europe. It will be necessary to adopt a kitten from a foreign breeding farm.

American bobtail scales

They weigh 5-9 kg.

American bobtail life expectancy

They live for about 15 years.

American bobtail character

These cats are calm, quiet and balanced, but sociable.

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Date of publication: 26/08/2020

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