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announces that it will update iPhones for a minimum of years

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Apple is one of the few companies that offer a long-lived software level coverage on their devices, releasing new versions of iOS for many years, which clearly differentiates them from their competitors. Depending on the specific terminal, the Californian company usually updates the device for about 6 or 7 years from the date of its launch. Now, Tim Cook's guys have confirmed the time during which they will update their equipment.

Apple has announced its commitment to offering a minimum of five years of updates security for iPhones from the date of the device's launch, in response to a new legal requirement in the United Kingdom.

Minimum of 6 years on our iPhone

Earlier this year, the UK implemented new Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) regulations. These regulations require companies that sell products with Internet connection capabilities in the country to comply with certain security requirements. One of the requirements of the PSTI is that companies define a support periodor the minimum duration of time, during which post-sale security updates will be provided that “protect or improve the security of a product, including a software update that addresses security issues that have been discovered or reported to the manufacturer.” .

ios updates

In compliance with this regulation, Apple has filed a public regulatory statement for the iPhone 15 Pro Max. The PSTI statement shows that the device's “defined support period” is “a minimum of five years from the first date of supply.” The “first supply date” is listed as “September 22, 2023,” which is when the iPhone 15 series was launched.

Unlike Samsung and Google, Apple is not usually explicit on software support for older devices, so this commitment of a minimum of five years is good news for Apple users who keep older devices. However, as Android Authority points out, both Samsung and Google guarantee seven years of security and Android operating system updates for its devices, which is two years longer than what Apple is guaranteeing here.

Apple has updated up to 9 years later

That said, Apple typically provides older devices with the latest security updates for a longer period than the stated five years. For example, last March, Apple released a security update for iPhone 6s models, which were released in September 2015, i.e. nine years ago.

iPhone 15 base 128 GB color azul

Going back further, in November 2020, Apple released an update to fix major security issues for the ‌iPhone‌ 5S, which was released in 2013, marking a seven-year period since the device went on sale. In other words, although the minimum period of five years is now established, iPhone users can rest assured knowing that Apple has a strong track record of keeping older devices up to date for several years to come.

Apple is known for its commitment to long-term software updates for your devices. Unlike other manufacturers, the company offers iOS updates for several years, even for older models. This strategy not only ensures a consistent experience for users, but also addresses security concerns and improves device lifespan, strengthening customer loyalty.

This new policy from Apple not only ensures that devices stay secure longer, but also responds to a growing consumer demand for a greater transparency and commitment with digital security. With this move, Apple not only complies with new UK regulations, but also strengthens its reputation as an industry leader in terms of support and security for its products.

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