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Apple admits a flaw in the OLED screen of the new iPad Pro

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Recently arrived on the market, the new 11 and 13-inch iPad Pro They are on the lips of all Apple analysts and followers. Equipped with the new advanced Ultra Retina XDR display with OLED technology, they have generated great enthusiasm among users for their ability to offer more realistic colors, superior brightness and deeper blacks. However, an unexpected anomaly has been detected in the representation of some colors when playing HDR content.

Apple has once again demonstrated why it remains the undisputed leader in the industry with the launch of its new 11- and 13-inch iPad Pro. These devices not only represent a qualitative leap in terms of performance and design, they also usher in a new era in mobile experience.

First problems with the new OLED panel

Apparently, as reported by the specialized media iMore, during tests carried out on a 13″ iPad Pro, it was observed that certain shades of blue, such as navy blue and indigo, appear distorted, acquiring a whitish hue instead of their original color. original. This is a failure that does not manifest itself constantly but that has been corroborated when comparing the Apple device with an iPhone 15 Pro, an iPad Pro with an M2 chip and a Samsung television.

iPad Pro

Apple has acknowledged that it is aware of the problem and has reported that it is already they are working in a software update that solves this unusual mismatch in its new OLED screen. The most normal thing is that Apple will solve the problem soon, continuing in line with its well-known reputation for offering quick responses to technical problems that users experience.

These OLED screens on the new 2024 iPad Pro have reduced the weight and thickness of the tablet. In addition, they are equipped with the brand new M4 chip, Apple's most powerful to date. This chip, with a Neural Engine dedicated to Artificial Intelligence tasks, promises to take the performance of these devices to a new level. Whether for graphic designers, filmmakers, developers or students, the new iPad Pro are designed to enhance creativity and productivity of all its users.

The 2024 iPad Pro redefines the tablet market

This technology transforms the way users interact with their devices, raising the bar for what a mobile screen can achieve. Besides, the weight and thickness reduction adds a layer of convenience and portability that professionals and creatives will appreciate in their daily lives.

iPad Pro dimensions

New iPadOS features that take full advantage of this power are expected to be presented at the upcoming WWDC 2024 conference, bringing the Artificial intelligence and the power of the new M4 chip to an unparalleled place within the capabilities of tablets.

Meanwhile, users of the new iPad Pro will have to wait for the promised update that will solve color problems in the reproduction of HDR content, reaffirming once again Apple's commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

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