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Apple blocks a PC emulator in its store and in third-party stores for a very logical reason (at least for them)

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Since the release of iOS 17.5 and the new European Union Law, applications such as emulators They began to be allowed, and this has meant that we see all kinds of them, from GameBoy, Nintendo DS, PSX, etc., however, a new release of a PC emulator has changed everything, at least for Apple.

The company is not very happy with this new regulation, if it were up to them none of these applications would exist, although they have no other option. That is why they are governed by the imposed Law to be able to block all those that do not comply exactly with it, and that is what has happened in this case.

PC emulator not allowed on iPhone

UTM would have presented a PC emulator for our iPhone, however, App Review, those in charge of registering applications to the App Store would have rejected this, the reason? Very simple, they are governed by the Law that clearly explains the next:

  • «Mini applications, mini-games, streaming games, chatbots, plug-ins and game emulators will be allowed.»

That is to say, In no case is a PC emulator considered a video game emulator, so it would not fall within these categories, and, therefore, despite being on the edge of the Law, Apple would be right, and if they want to ban it, they ban it. So we won't see a computer emulator, at least for now.

App Store

This also applies to third-party stores where, although the company can have less say, it also has a voice, and will try not to publish it anywhere, unless the EU steps down again and changes this rule, including new types of apps. .

Rule 4.7, for now, has saved Apple, and unfortunately we will not see a PC emulator on our iPhonessomething that could be very interesting, especially for those of us who are not really looking to play with the phone.

Other systems, such as Android, have had it for a decade, however, Tim Cook prefers that we only use the apple applications, and the less we leave its ecosystem, the better. Something understandable, but not everyone likes it.

Today iOS 18 is released, and with it many new features, let's hope they are so interesting that we do not need to comment on this news, since we do not have time for emulators or external apps, and that Apple itself will give us everything we need.

iOS 18

And you, what do you think about this? Do you think they should be more permissive and let users choose which applications they want and which ones they don't? Or do you see it well that Apple decides that there are certain types of them that do not meet requirements and that, therefore, will not be, at least in the App Store.

If you have a Mac, things change, and this app will be available on computers, a place where the operating system is more flexible, and you will even see it in the Apple store itself, therefore, if you want to try it, even if it is on PC, and it doesn't make the same sense, you can do it.

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