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Apple completely renews its online store for students

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In support of education, Apple offers an exclusive store for students, teachers and educational staff. This student store provides discounts and special offers on a variety of Apple products and services, facilitating access to high-quality technological tools. Discounts range from MacBooks and iPads to software and accessories, with the goal of supporting the educational community in its teaching and learning mission.

Apple complements these offerings with educational resources, such as productivity apps and training programs, that encourage creativity and innovation in academia. In this sense, the Californian company has redesigned its web portal for students, giving it a renewed and modern appearance.

Apple's own redesign

The Cupertino company has redesigned its online store for students and education professionals, aligning with the design from Apple's main online store, which adopted this new style in 2021. At that time, only the main store was updated, while the education store kept its old design.

The renewed education store proudly highlights that it offers “the most powerful tools for learning.” If you are a student or teacher and you meet the conditions, you can obtain a good discount on a new Mac, iPad or other Apple products and accessories.

The redesign only affects the appearance, keeping the prices of educational products unchanged. Depending on the device you buy, you can save up to €100, which represents a significant discount compared to the rest of the stores that sell it at the original price. In fact, the new iPad Pro with M4 chip and iPad Air are now available with discounts of up to €100. On AppleCare+ plans, Apple also offers a 10% discount for students.

student store

However, the mentioned discounts are not available for iPhones and other Apple pro devices.

Discount of up to €100

The new home page highlights the difference of the Apple Store in terms of cost, below the different products and their discounted prices. This includes installment payment options, delivery in two hours for select products, free custom engraving and much more. Apple also highlights how you can get the most out of your devices by linking to various tutorials, tools and courses.

This renovation in the student online store has been carried out just at the moment when the school years end, to begin the launch of the annual promotion of back to classes which Apple usually starts in early June.

In the United States, purchasing a product from the Apple Education Store does not require any special confirmation. However, in the UK, EU and other parts of the world where the store is available, you will have to confirm your eligibility using a UNiDAYS account before placing an order.

students store

The renovation of Apple's online store for education represents not only an aesthetic change, but a significant boost for the access to technology quality in educational environments. By offering discounts to students and teachers on a wide range of products, Apple not only facilitates access to powerful learning tools, but also promotes equal opportunity in education.

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