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Apple cuts the warranty on the iPhone and Apple Watch

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The coverage of Apple warranty is a crucial aspect that consumers take into account when purchasing brand products over others, such as iPhone, iPad, MacBook, Apple Watch and other Apple devices. Apple offers a limited warranty that generally covers manufacturing defects and hardware issues for a specific period after purchase, which is usually one year. In addition to the standard warranty, Apple offers AppleCare+ service, which extends coverage and adds additional benefits, such as protection against accidental damage, priority access to technical support and repair services.

Apple's standard warranty includes repair or replacement of the product if failures that are not caused by the user, while AppleCare+ covers a broader range of incidents, with certain limitations and deductibles applicable in cases of accidental damage. Now, Apple has decided to throw away its consideration of the user and has cut its warranty coverage.

Apple forgets about small scratches

Apple has made a significant change to its standard repair and warranty policies for iPhone and Apple Watch this month. According to multiple sources, Apple will no longer cover hairline cracks or minor scratches under the standard warranty for these devices. Instead, these repairs will now be processed as “accidental damage” claims, meaning users will have to pay for them.

Until this month, Apple's policy was to cover cases of hairline crack damage under the standard warranty for iPhone and Apple Watch users, as long as there was no other visible damage. not a clear point of impact in the device that caused said crack. However, in updates distributed to Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers this week, the company updated its policy to state that all instances of hairline cracks are no longer covered under warranty.

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This means that users will have to pay to repair a hairline crack, even if there is no other damage or an impact point on the device. For now, the change only applies to the iPhone and Apple Watch. Apple continues to cover hairline crack repairs under warranty for iPad and Mac.

Apple offers a standard warranty on its products, which covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions for a specified period. Additionally, customers can choose to purchase AppleCare, an extended warranty that provides additional coverage and specialized technical support. This warranty provides peace of mind to users, ensuring that their devices will be repaired or replaced if they develop any problems within the specified period.

Exorbitant prices

Apple has not communicated any specific reason for this change. Historically, this policy has always been somewhat inconsistent in its implementation, with some stores and repair shops being more lenient than others. However, with this change, service providers will no longer have that flexibility.

broken iphone screen

Users can check the screen replacement price list on Apple's website. Based on these prices, the cost of repairing an iPhone screen can vary considerably depending on the model. For example, replacing the screen on an iPhone 15 Pro Max can be significantly more expensive than repairing an older model. On the other hand, replacing the screen of an Apple Watch Series 7, a device that is already a few years old, costs €358, a price that makes no sense.

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