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Apple finally makes its roadmap clear with Apple Silicon

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With the arrival of Apple Silicon four years ago, the MacBook has gone from being Apple's worst product to one of the best, thanks to its performance, efficiency and autonomy, and leaving behind many of the problems we found in Apple chips. Intel. After almost five years, it seems that the Californian company is clear about what its update cycle is going to be like, so if you were thinking of purchasing an M3, you are in luck.

Of the entire Mac line, the only products that still do not have the Apple chip are the Mac Studio, Mac mini and Mac Pro, whose renewal seems to be in 2024.

Apple does not want to repeat the same mistake of 2023

Apple MacBook Air

It seems that Apple does not want to repeat the same “mistake” of 2023 with the launch of the M2 y los M3 in the same year, which caused great dissatisfaction among many users, since they had the feeling that they had acquired a old device with less than a year on the market and in their possession.

According to reports, Apple is working on the M4, a normal and natural situation because it is an evolution of the current processor. However, this chip will not be launched in 2024, but we will not see fourth-generation Silicon until next year 2025.

It seems that the Cupertino-based company will launch the renovation of the Mac mini, Mac Studio and Mac Pro, the three devices that continue today with the second generation of Apple processors. The surprising thing about this move is that the Mac Pro will be updated every two years and not every four or five years, as was previously the case.

MacBook Air M2 lateral

The current strategy of the most valuable company in the world involves update cycles every two years, with the firm idea of ​​always launching a processor that provides greater added value to users. Apple does not need to compete with anyone because, in terms of developing ARM technology in laptops and desktops, it has a great advantage.

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, the great beneficiaries of the incorporation of these chips have been laptops and the Mac mini, devices that have gained performance and energy efficiency levels never seen before.

M4 chips and the importance of artificial intelligence

MacBook Air midnight

Apple will present at the WWDC 2024 its first software version with important innovations in artificial intelligence. They are probably necessary new components so that they can execute these new algorithms with great efficiency.

Fortunately, if the M4s arrive in 2025, the M3 They will be fully capable of executing these tasks, so Apple will not be able to cap or limit the functionalities of this equipment, since it makes no sense to present software for hardware that is not on the market.

The sensation that this inclusion of the IA on Macs is that all Intel chips will no longer receive support or will not have access to these functionalities, marking the end of an era.

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