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Apple has invented a new camera system for its folding MacBooks

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On this occasion it has been the specialized medium Patently Apple who has made known the information of the document registered in the United States Patent and Registration Office. Apparently, the apple company is looking for an implementation of a camera system that would be capable of capturing gestures in the air and three-dimensional images.

However, although the central axis of the patent is folding computers, its objective goes beyond MacBooks, since the intention would be to transfer this optics and image capture system to more types of devices. foldable. Do you want to know how this new type of camera is going to work? We'll tell you then.

The new 3D cameras for foldable MacBooks

Until now, laptops have incorporated a single lens, at the top center of the screen. The philosophy of the computers that we know now involves a division of what is the screen and the keyboard, into two very different parts.

However, in a folding computer, we have an entire body that folds on itself, with the screen being the main protagonist. Therefore, if the shape changes, Apple will also change the conception of how the lenses are placed throughout the device. In the images they share of the document, up to seven cameras are observed:

  • Three on top, placed horizontally
  • Four at the bottom, one located in each corner

And why would they be placed this way? According to what they explain in Patently Apple, the cameras “can be used to Capture multiple images of a scene. In some cases, cameras can be oriented to allow the team capture overlapping images of a scene, and which are then composed to make a panoramic image. They can also be oriented to be able to cover different angles in a scene. This allows the creation of three-dimensional images,” they explain.

MacBook Pro M1

Since we would have different lenses distributed, they also reveal different schemes and sketches of the positions that foldable MacBooks could adopt. Whether the equipment is in a “traditional” layout, with a division into two parts, or is folded in the center, the lenses could also be positioned so that one would face the other.

But MacBooks are not the only objective of this patent. This system has been designed for more foldable devices, and the images also show how a lens system could be applied for watches and activity bracelets that would have more electronic parts that can be folded.

Apple watch series 7

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