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Apple is already testing a new, renewed Safari

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Safari is the default web browser developed by Apple for its devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Mac. First introduced in 2003 for macOS and in 2007 for iOS, Safari has been a fundamental pillar in the Apple ecosystem, providing users with a fast browsing experience. , safe and efficient. Its deep integration with Apple hardware and software enables seamless data synchronization between devices via iCloud, including browsing history, bookmarks and open tabs, facilitating a seamless and unified user experience.

Apple today released a new test version for Safari, the experimental browser that the company first introduced in March 2016. Designed to test features that could be implemented in future versions of Safari, this browser offers developers and users the opportunity to explore and provide feedback on the innovations in development.

Safari, the best browser for iPhone

Safari Technology Preview version 196 includes several fixes and updates in key areas such as Canvas, CSS, JavaScript, Web API, Web Inspector, WebGL and WebRTC. These improvements not only seek to increase the stability of the browser, but also optimize overall performance and user experience.

Among the notable improvements, updates to Canvas and WebGL promise a better graphic rendering, which is essential for web applications that rely on intensive graphics. On the other hand, updates to CSS and JavaScript ensure more efficient handling of styles and scripts, improving the speed and responsiveness of web pages.


The current release of Safari Technology Preview is compatible with devices running macOS Ventura and macOS Sonoma, the latest version of the macOS operating system that Apple released in September 2023. This compatibility ensures that users of newer versions of macOS can benefit of the latest innovations and tests that Apple offers.

The Safari Technology Preview update is available through Software Update in System Preferences or System Settings for anyone who has downloaded the browser. Complete release notes are available on the Safari Technology Preview website, where you can see specific details about all the improvements and fixes included in this release.

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Apple wants feedback from developers

Apple's main goal with Safari Technology Preview is collect feedback from developers and users about the development process of their browser. Unlike some development tools that require specific accounts, Safari Technology Preview does not require a developer account to download. This makes it easier for a larger audience to participate in the testing process, contributing their opinions and helping Apple refine future versions of Safari.

Safari Technology Preview can run alongside the existing Safari browser, allowing users easily compare the two versions and evaluate new features without affecting your daily browsing experience. This feature is especially useful for developers who need to test the compatibility and performance of their web applications with the latest technologies.

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