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Apple laughs at foldable phones in its latest iPhone design patent

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One of the criticisms that have been leveled at Apple in recent times is that they have not released any foldable iPhones. Even though Californians have their sights set on this type of technology, there is still room for us to see them in the material world, outside of testing laboratories. However, this does not prevent them from trying other design formulas, and from going beyond what the competition does.

In this article we are going to introduce you to a new idea that Californians have had. And not only has it occurred to them, but they have patented it. It has been the English-speaking news outlet Appleinsider who has echoed the registered document, and we already told you that what they have devised has little (or nothing) to do with a phone that is foldable. And it also does not maintain the traditional aesthetics of a flat screen phone. Or maybe yes? It depends how you look at it.

Apple wants an iPhone with a screen that surrounds it entirely

The name of the document that they have managed to register is «Electronic device with surround screen«. In order to take advantage of the surface of the device, Apple has thought of the following: if we only have a screen on the front, and the entire rest of the body is uncovered, why not cover the entire device, and so on? Is space better used?

The mechanism that this type of device could have, It differs from a folding system, or a conventional phone. In the iPhones we know today, all the electronics are behind the screen. If we focus on folding devices, this electronics is divided into the two parts by which the phone is divided.

iphone rollable patent

Let's imagine that we have a tube. The outside part is the screen. The electronics, and everything necessary for this device to work, is inside the tube. In the images of the registered document, you can see how this device would have a very narrow oval shape in the central part. The screen would have two sides, which would form a single continuous surface. We do not have a folding system as we currently know it, but there were two very different areas in which the panel would fold.

In addition to this oval-shaped area, they also propose other more square, or directly circular, designs. In the same way, they also make known the operation of this type of devices:

  • Transparent assembly is carried out
  • The flexible screen is shaped
  • The flexible screen is inserted into the transparent structure body
  • Once inserted inside, it is given the shape according to the body in which it is housed.
  • When the screen is in shape, the structure is closed

patent rollable iphone

Therefore, it is not a screen that is on the outside. It is a flexible panel that is inside the device. And within the screen mechanism, we find the entire set of electronics, which is what makes the phone work.

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