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Apple launches a new strap and dial for this special reason

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The popularity of the Apple Watch extends beyond its technology and reputation, also encompassing its capacity for personal expression through interchangeable straps. Among these options, the Solo Loop strap stands out for its minimalist design and perfect fit around the wrist. Now, on the occasion of the Pride edition, Apple introduces a new variant of this strap accompanied by an exclusive dial, celebrating diversity and inclusion in a vibrant and modern design.

The new Pride Edition Solo Loop strap features the iconic rainbow colors in a subtle and elegant pattern, perfectly integrated with the Pride dial that complements the release. This combination is not only a statement of support for the LGBTQ+ community, but also highlights the Apple Watch's ability to adapt to any occasion and reflect the unique identity of each user. From its technological precision to its expression of social valuesthe Apple Watch with the Pride Edition band and face proves that fashion and innovation go hand in hand.

Inclusion and style

Apple is launching a new strap to its already complete line of accessories for the Apple Watch, on the occasion of the Pride Edition. This band features a fluorescent design inspired by various pride flags, with a laser-etched pin proudly displaying PRIDE 2024. The colors on the band represent different communities: Black and brown symbolize Black, Hispanic and Latino communities, as well as those affected by HIV/AIDS, while pink, light blue and white represent transgender and non-binary individuals.

pride edition 2024

Accompanying this bracelet, the Californian company also launches a sphere with the same motif, under the name Pride Radiance, as well as a wallpaper for iOS and iPadOS. The watch face features bright rays of light on a dark background, stacking dynamically. On the Apple Watch, these colors map the numbers on the watch face, responding in real time to the user's wrist movements using input from the gyroscope.

Apple thinks of all people

Similarly, on iPhone and iPad, the colors form the word Pride and move dynamically when you unlock the device. For the first time, users can customize Pride watch face and wallpapers to display specific colors that represent LGBTQ+ communities.

This new strap will be available to purchase from May 22nd. Meanwhile, the new Pride Radiance watch face, along with wallpapers for iPhone and iPad, will launch in conjunction with watchOS 10.5, iOS 17.5, and iPadOS 17.5, promising an immersive and inclusive digital experience. This is another of Apple's exciting new launches, combining technology with the celebration of the diversity and inclusion.

In short, Apple celebrates diversity with its new Pride Edition collection, featuring a vibrant fluorescent band and radiant watch face. These accessories are not only a tribute to the LGBTQ+ community, but also an expression of inclusivity and style

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