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Apple plans to launch an iPad and a foldable iPhone in 2025 and 2026

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Foldable devices are a hot topic within the mobile phone industry, with numerous manufacturers exploring innovative designs to offer the user flexibility and functionality, with comfort in the spotlight. Although Apple has always remained distant with this technology, speculation about a possible incursion by the Californian company into these terminals has generated great interest.

Continuing along this line, Apple is intensifying their work in the development of foldable mobile devices, and mass production of these innovative 20.3-inch products would begin at the end of 2025, followed by a iPhone plegable at the end of 2026.

New hybrid between MacBook and iPad

If it was previously reported that Tim Cook's guys are working on a foldable MacBook that would be released in 2027, now it is up to the iPhone and the possible iPad to take over. First of all, Apple would be working on a foldable device 20 inches, which would be a kind of tablet that would add this versatile technology. This new product would be a mix between a MacBook and an iPad and would arrive in stores in 2026 o 2027 and it could be the final version of this previously mentioned MacBook.

Apparently, this new device would include two screens, which would mean a revolution in the technology sector. The report suggests that Californians have intensified the development of this device, judging by checks carried out in Apple's component supply chain.

This ambitious move toward foldable devices marks an exciting chapter in Apple's technological evolution. While the exact dates and details are still up in the air, the idea that a MacBook and iPad can merge into a foldable device opens up a world of creative possibilities.

¿iPhone plegable?

This foldable hybrid device would kick off a new range of products, aimed at users with very high demands in terms of performance and comfort, being even above the MacBook Pro. Along the same lines, another smaller terminal, with versions of 7.9 and 8.3 inches, would come later. It could be a foldable iPhone in a larger size than what we know today, which would be a real luxury for many users who consume Apple's leading terminal that goes beyond what a mobile phone can offer. .

Render iPhone plegable

This foldable iPhone would combine portability with a broader and more productive visual experience, thanks to a larger screen size. From enjoying multimedia content to making multitasking tasks with greater efficiency, it would attract an even larger audience. Creative professionals or even everyday users would enjoy a foldable device from Apple that could radically transform how we interact with technology in our daily lives.

Although the path to mass production of these devices may be challenging, the vision of a foldable iPhone and flexible MacBook embodies the Apple's innovative spirit. We stand on the threshold of a new era in which the convergence of technology and design can take us to even more exciting horizons.

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