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Apple reduces the specifications of the new iPad Air M2 after its launch

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When Apple announced its new iPad Air M2 during its May event, it did so by stating that it included an M2 chip with 10 GPU cores, which is standard in that version of the processor. However, it has recently modified the specifications website for this iPad model, and now we see that it says that the chip has a 9-core GPU, instead of the 10 that it originally said. We understand that this is a mistake at the time of making the announcement and the press and marketing documents, and that it has already been corrected, but it is rare in a company like the bitten apple, which always takes care of every last detail. .

During the unusual event in May in which Apple presented the new iPad Pro M4, with its new design, the Apple Pencil Pro, its Tandem OLED screen, and its new keyboards, those from Cupertino also launched the iPad Air M2. In addition, this year for the first time in history, it would bring another 12.9-inch model to offer consumers that screen size without “forcing” them to buy the iPad Pro. Since until then, the largest iPads were reserved to that product line.

It's just a small mistake

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Throughout the presentation, Apple referred to the iPad Air chip simply as an M2. Nothing else. Not a separate note or note to clarify if it was a different version for the iPad Air, or if it was a normal chip. In fact, when it came out in the press release sent to the media, and on the product specifications page itself, the standard characteristics of the M2 chip were shown. Among them, the 10 GPU cores with which this chip was launched in the MacBook Air and the Mac mini.

However, we have now seen that this is not entirely correct. The media specialized in Apple 9to5Mac has realized that those from Cupertino have changed both their press release and the product's technical specifications page, and now the M2 chip in the iPad Air It does not have 10 GPU cores, but 9. This does not mean that Apple has now decided that there will be 9 instead of 10. It was going to be that way from the beginning, but some kind of internal error has caused them to have to make this correction. Perhaps someone bought it thinking in good faith that the product had 10 GPU cores and not 9. Something like that would hardly change someone's mind, but if that were the case, in principle Apple would be obliged to accept the return of the product, although as we say, on an iPad it seems very unlikely that a change of this nature will produce a notable difference in the performance of the device. In any case, it is quite curious that the company made a mistake in this way, especially considering how careful all its employees tend to be.

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