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Apple settles one of its biggest controversies with the MacBook Air 2024 M3

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The arrival of the new MacBook Air 2024 models has not only meant a complete renewal of the range, or the disappearance of the models with M1. It has also meant a (silent) reckoning that Californians have carried out and that, at the time, when it became known, gave rise to a lot to talk about. Now they have collected the cable and solved the problem, for the benefit of users. do you want to know what is it about? We tell you about it in this article!

In both the 13 and 15-inch models, the new MacBook Air with M3 are more vitaminized and enhanced than ever. The new three-nanometer processors have given them new life, making these computers much faster. But the processor is not the only thing that makes these computers much faster than previous generations.

There is another factor, at the hardware level, that influences speed. And not only in the short term, but also in the medium and long term, when it comes to using the equipment. In models from past shipments, if we wanted to avoid this problem, we had to buy the options with higher configurations. That is to say: we had to pay more. Now, having solved the problem, it is no longer necessary, thanks to what Apple has corrected.

MacBook Air 2024 have faster SSD drives

Several English-speaking content creators have benchmarked and torn down the new MacBook Air with M3. And in doing so, they have realized what happened. It turns out that Apple has reversed its policy of putting slower SSDs in 256GB models.

What happened with the MacBook Air with M2 was that, if we wanted faster data transfer speeds, we had, no matter what, to go to the models with 512GB capacities. This no longer happens, since the new basic laptops They are 33% faster in writing speed and “approximately” 82% faster in reading speedaccording to comments in the English-speaking news outlet 9to5Mac.

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According to what they share, the change applied by Apple translates into using two 128GB NAND chips. This represents a difference (for the better) in performance, since models from previous years only used a single 256GB NAND chip. But why does this happen?

The speed of the new MacBook Air 2024 explained in a house

By having a chip with more memory, the computer takes longer to read everything there is. It is as if we had a house with 256 doors and, to search for the files, there is only one person who has to open each of the doors. In the current case, we have two houses with 128 doors each. In each house there is a person who opens them to search for the files. And it takes less time to open 128 doors, not 256GB.

The speeds reached by the new MacBooks with M3 processors, according to the tests carried out, and the information shared on 9to5Mac, are the following:

  • MacBook Air M3 256GB reading speed: 2,108 MB/s
  • MacBook Air M2 256GB reading speed: 1,584 MB/s
  • MacBook Air M2 256GB writing speed: 1,576 MB/s
  • MacBook Air M3 256GB writing speed: 2,880 MB/s

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