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The leading technology company, Applehas recently announced the launch of a device that will help keep even iPhones that have not been taken out of the box updated.

Technologies are constantly advancing, it is something that cannot be stopped due to the competitive technological race that various companies in this area of ​​advanced engineering have.

Thanks to all these advances we have had the opportunity to see the best technological inventions of our time, some changing the course of history and others changing the course of our mobile devices.

And it was this last situation that Apple has reached with the technological innovation it has in mind for its smart devices, the iPhone.

Recently, it was announced through the technology news portal Bloomberg a new advance that Apple has announced for its new devices.

Well, Apple has taken the situation of updating its iPhone devices further with a new device that will help them update even without taking them out of the box when they are new.

Something that characterizes Apple is its continuous updates to its mobile devices, which aim to improve the performance of the operating system and fix any errors in its programming.

However, due to this same situation, new devices, those that have not been taken out of their boxes, used to stay with the iOS operating system with which it was packaged.

This situation causes users who purchase a new iPhone to first have to update it, since most likely the iOS they have has already changed.

However, this situation is about to change, since Apple has an idea in mind to correct this setback and provide better service to its customers.

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The device that promises to revolutionize the way an iPhone is purchased will be called 'Presto', a device capable of updating new iPhone devices that are still in their box without the need to remove them from it.

This new device ‘Presto’ It promises to have the function of turning these famous smartphones on and off and updating them just by bringing the iPhone box closer to it, without removing it.

This will work with the technology that Apple has been implementing in the latest generations of iPhone, which allows them to charge wirelessly, the MagSafe, this device with a circular platform design, in which you only have to place your iPhone on it and will start charging.

With the use of wireless technologies, this shoebox-sized device, a Bloomberg article states, will have the ability to intervene in the iOS of iPhones without removing them from their boxes when they are new.

Likewise, it was clarified that this technology will first be launched in the United States in official Apple stores, and then implemented in the rest of the world, which is expected to occur during the summer of this year.

Without a doubt, Apple always tries to be at the forefront in terms of the technology it launches to provide a better service to its consumers.

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