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Apple Vision Pro and how to destroy the Apple ecosystem

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Where the Vision Pro really fit

Do the Vision Pro replace the iPad or the Mac? Honestly, I think we are all wrong.

The Vision Pro is not another product similar or similar to the rest of Apple products, but rather it is about spatial computing; It's something completely different. Until we analyze in depth the points highlighted by specialized criticism, we do not reach this conclusion. Some analysts have suggested that it really is an iPad, but this is not the case, since, when we carefully analyze its advantages and disadvantages, we realize that it is a different device. Therefore, it must stop being compared to others, and not because it loses in all comparisons, but because we are mixing pears with apples.

Vision Pro from behind

From the iPad it inherits the aesthetics, the proportion of the applications and the vision we have with them. But really, when we interact with applications that are native, they adapt to your vision thanks to their technology.

This is due to its focus of vision, and does not come from either the iPad or the Macbut it comes from Apple TV. If we analyze the menu of this component, the control always indicates something.

Now, the ease of being able to scale sales and work with these glasses is largely reminiscent of macOS, since it generates a kind of multitasking that we do not have on the iPad.

The control center and its functionalities come from iOS and are reminiscent of an iPhone.

Finally, developers are working on a multitude of applications to be able to integrarlas in VisionOS, with the aim that they are perfectly integrated.

The consequences of the Vision Pro in the Apple ecosystem

The Vision Pro are the first computing computer in history. Its launch has not only created a new market segment, but its development will cause the fall of other devices. A new need causes the loss of another.

In this sense, the iPhone is not the enemy of the Vision Pro and Apple cannot allow the goose that lays the golden eggs to fall, but what it is really going to do is allocate resources from its flagship to a product that is Developing.

Vision Pro from behind

Now, there are two products that are in clear danger due to the development and consolidation of this computer in the near future: the iPad and the Mac input.

In the first case, the people who use the iPad In his daily life he does not use it to work, but to consume audiovisual content and basic processes. Furthermore, no matter how hard Apple tries, it is not capable of replacing a Mac.

Today, all the basic functions can be performed by the Vision Pro. As this product is perfected, it will gain more advantages over the aforementioned products. Now, many of you can compare the price of the Vision Pro, which is 4,000 euros, and that of the iPad, about 400 euros. But when one or two versions pass, Apple will release the SE version, in which the price will be much cheaper and the technology will be much superior to what we have today. Plus, the cheaper iPads will still be around. Let's not forget that in this post we are also talking about the iPad of Prohibited in its most advanced versions, such as the Pro models, which, between accessories and the increase in its initial features, can exceed 1,500 euros.

Vision Pro. Vista lateral

1,500 euros is what a MacBook Air costs and, if the glasses go from 3,500 euros to 2,000 euros, the situation begins to change. be equal more and more, to the point where many of us come to the conclusion that, for a little more money we have a computer that allows us to do the same things as on a Mac and an iPad, and with a better user experience.

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