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Apple wants the MacBook of the future to be made of glass (and they have already patented it)

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One of Apple's future scenarios involves folding devices. On several occasions, from this same medium, we have shared patents related to folding computer designs. However, what we bring you today is something different. This is a new portable Mac design, which will not be made of plastic or metal, as is currently the case. But it is a glass design. Do you want to know all the details? We bring them to you below!

What could an Apple computer be made of glass? In the specialized environment Patently Apple They explain it would have a structure similar to what we currently have with equipment made of metal. In fact, in the images of the patent you can see a computer whose structure is divided into a body with a keyboard and trackpad and a screen. And it is not a foldable device.

Apple imagines a future with glass computers

Currently, the back of the screen and where the keyboard and trackpad are located, has metal. According to the images they share of the document, only the bottom of the computer would be made of metal. But what is the rest of the body, no.

Therefore, a crystal structure is mentioned that would be made of glass, or, of some type of resistant ceramic glass. Having a device much larger than an iPhone, it is important that its protection is high, to avoid accidental breakages (and who knows what they could cost). Regarding the rear covering of the screen, mention is made of a covering of transparent material or glass. However, the transparency would not be total: it would be, rather, translucent, since it would have a certain degree of opacity.

But what about parts like the screen and keyboard? This is where there are two advances that, if implemented, would make the MacBook quite different from what we are currently used to.

APPLE MacBook Air (2020)

Touch screen and virtual keyboard

The screen of the device would be on top of the glass (or transparent material) surface. But the change is that this would be tactile, unlike the current ones. This would not only admit inputs and commands with the hands. Also It would be multi-touch and include a camera. In current MacBook models, the camera is located at the top of the screen, but in a differentiated area (either through a Notch or with a black top margin). In the case of the keyboard, two scenarios can be opened.

widgets on MacBook Pro with macOS Sonoma

Currently, all MacBook computers have a mechanical keyboard. We have keys that differ from the rest of the body. One of the situations that are considered is to maintain this type of keys. However, The disruptive change would be the incorporation of a virtual keyboard. Since the lower part of the body would be made of glass, it could house a touch surface where the keys would be projected. The inclusion of a second touch screen where the keyboard is located is even briefly mentioned, so that the keys are displayed there.

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