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Apple wants to reinvent the iPad with this latest invention

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Although we have not seen them in society, there are many Apple products and accessories that are receiving advances within the company's testing laboratories. In this article, the iPad is the protagonist. But not only what the product itself is: it is about the way it connects with different accessories. The Californians have patented a new system with which they intend to change the rules of the game, and we are going to make it known to you in the next few lines.

Over the years, the iPad has seen an expansion. From being a product that works by itself, to being an aggregator of other accessories with which to complement its uses. The Apple Pencil, the Magic Keyboard, mice, trackpads or the USB type C connector give it much more versatility. And along the lines of connecting with accessories, now Apple has decided to go one step further.

It has been the specialized medium Patently Apple who has released the registered document, in which, as they explain, the iPad would gain a new system of magnetic connections in which we could connect everything: from an Apple Pencil to a video game controller. How do they intend to do it? We'll tell you then!

The iPad will be able to connect more accessories magnetically

As announced, the name of the patent is “Magnetic Attachment System for Input Device.” One of the first differential points is the use of magnets that can be moved, in order to be able to offer a more complete magnetic grip in different positionswhile reducing the magnetic field outside the accessory that is connected to the iPad.

Why reduce the magnetic field outside the accessory? In this case, the objective is that the magnets do not cause interference with other devices that may be around. They even mention “other objects” that may be next to the iPad.


Grip security is another of Apple's main concerns when developing a new magnetic system. In images of the patent they show how Magnetic pieces can change position to offer greater adhesion, between the iPad and the accessory that you want to connect to it. In this case, they illustrate it with an iPad that is connected to a magnetic keyboard.

A spring is observed in the accessory that changes position, depending on whether an iPad is connected. In addition, the role of other devices is made known, such as video game controllers, induction charging systems or a trackpad, all of them magnetically attached to the device.

Currently, the iPads that we know have a magnetic grip system called Smart Connector. This is located on one of the sides of the device, allowing accessories such as keyboards to be powered with battery power. The grip is much simpler than that described in the patent, since the magnets, both on the iPad and on the accessories, are always in the same position.

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