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Apple will be able to reactivate the blood oxygen sensor of the Apple Watch within four years

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The matter regarding Apple's ban on blood oxygen measurement from its smart watches has not come to an end. When it seemed that the waters had returned to normal after the court decision, new information has now come to light in this regard. And, next year 2028, Californians will be able to return this controversial function to their watches. Do you want to know why? We will tell you in this article.

It has been the English-speaking news outlet MacRumors who has shared the latest information about it. And how did that specific date come to be known? As they explain, the entire judicial resolution has been recently published, and it details absolutely everything regarding the matter. From Masimo's allegations on the ban issue, stricter petitions that were dismissed, and also, key dates in the case. But why in 2028? What is important about this date?

Apple Watches in the US will be able to measure blood oxygen again in 2028

The reason why this function has been deactivated is due to patent infringement by Apple. While this remains in force, those from Cupertino will have to comply with the sentence. However, one scenario develops while the patent is activated, and a very different one will occur when it expires.

Following the publication of the full sentence, it has been learned that Masimo's patent for the blood oxygen meter will expire in 2028. More specifically, it will be released in August 2028. And what does this mean? That “Apple will be able to reactivate blood oxygen meters at that time«, they explain from MacRumors.

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This is an important step forward for all Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2 devices being sold in the United States. The ban only affects terminals sold within this territory, while the rest of the watches sold in other markets such as Europe continue to maintain this functionality.

Masimo wanted to demonstrate that Apple had not correctly disabled the sensor

From the same medium, they also share more information about the sentence. The plaintiff company wanted to put more restrictive measures in view of the ban “arguing that The blood oxygen meter could be reactivated with a jailbroken iPhone«, they explain from MacRumors.

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By using an iPhone with a modified operating system, it was possible to bypass this restriction imposed by Apple. And they wanted to play this card to demonstrate that “Apple had not effectively removed the function, and that the watches should not be imported to the United States.” They also added that the iPhone jailbreak procedure was “permissible, common and well known,” to reinforce their position. However, from the same medium, they make it known that these “were not successful.”

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