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Apple, you have to fix this memory problem

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We are in the middle of 2024, with iOS 18 and iPhone 16 just around the corner, and there is still no option natively on our Apple terminals to eliminate the cache of an iPhone. Several GB of internal storage memory are occupied by this problem and the Cupertino company continues to evade it.

Problems caused

Social networks like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, among other applications, store a lot of cache memory on our devices. Gigs and gigs that we would like to eliminate but, however, Apple does not allow us to do so. At least, it does not allow us to do it in a way as simple as an option to “Delete cache of X application.” In my case, they are 4GB cases those that Instagram deals with in terms of “documents and data”, which is a huge problem for me that I have to solve frequently.

This option is already available on Android, although it is also fair to note that many users report that after carrying out this function, the cache memory is reloaded. Therefore, it should not be an easy problem for Tim Cook's guys to solve.

delete whatsapp cache memory on iPhone

Derived from this excessive consumption of our iPhone's storage, we are forced to delete files that we do not want to lose or have to purchase a new one.iCloud cloud subscriptionto try to save as many files as possible there and reserve the device's memory for other types of files.

Failure to clear app cache can lead to device storage filling up with accumulated temporary data. A cache that is not well managed can potentially affect device performance over time, as applications can take up more memory and storage resources.

The alternative solution

Despite the lack of a native option to delete the application cache on iOS, there are some measures that users can take to somewhat “fix” this issue.

  1. Delete and reinstall applications: Deleting and reinstalling an app may delete its accumulated cache. However, this also erases other app data, such as settings and preferences.
  2. Third-party storage managers: Some third-party apps offer the ability to clear caches and other temporary data, although these solutions may have limitations due to iOS restrictions.

clear cache whatsapp

Apparently, this inability to clear app cache natively on iOS is something intentional on Apple's part, in order to protect security and the stability of the terminal. Users should be aware of how this can affect the performance and storage of their devices, and consider alternatives available to eliminate these problems.

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