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Apple's future ring will do much more than we thought

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One of the products that Apple intends to launch in the not too distant future is its smart ring. Faced with fierce competition, a market about to flourish, and the rise of wearables, Californians want to expand. Beyond health monitoring approaches, or having a less invasive notification system (and that is not a phone), the smart ring they are preparing would be capable of doing many more things than we think. Do you want to know them? We show them to you in this article!

The uses of the smart ring have been known thanks to a patent that they have managed to register. On this occasion, it has been the specialized medium Patently Apple who has echoed the registered document. In it New implementations and uses that this ring can have are shown. Beyond interacting as a unique product, it would be a complement to others that already exist in the ecosystem.

On previous occasions, from this same medium, we have already shared patents with you regarding the advances in the development of the ring. What we are going to see next has nothing to do with construction on a physical level. It has to do with the types of uses that will be able to be given to it. Likewise, also let's see the different applications that, from Apple, they plan to apply.

The company's ecosystem of products and services is increasingly having deeper interactions. There are no isolated devices. They can all be a complement to another.

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More than a ring, a universal control

Radio frequency is going to be a key element for this ring to be able to communicate with other electronic products and devices. But not only will it be able to interact with others, but it would also be able to interact with the hand gestures themselves and with the contact we make with the fingers of the hand.

It wouldn't just work in isolation. It would also be possible to use two rings simultaneously, and at the same time, we could perform different gestures with which to execute different commands. But what kind of options and commands could we perform using different gestures?

According to what they share from Patently Apple, the ring would be capable of doing things like the following:

  • Move a computer pointer
  • Open and view files and documents
  • Execute instruction commands
  • Answer phone calls
  • Change the volume of the device we are controlling
  • Upload user profiles and log in
  • Access to internet content that may be restricted
  • Start certain applications
  • Encrypt and decrypt messages

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All this would be possible from combinations of gestures that we could do ourselves. Likewise, the connection with other devices is possible thanks to the electronic circuits that it would integrate. In the patent images, the ring circuitry is seen, which consists of the following parts:

  • memory controllers
  • Haptic vibration controllers
  • Conductive circuits
  • Sensitivity circuits

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