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Apple's impact on music

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Apple has transformed the way we consume music and has influenced the music industry as a whole. Thanks to the revolution that iTunes brought aboutfollowed by the famous and so nostalgic iPod, and finally, the arrival of Apple Music, the company has changed the way of perceiving this art and has shaped the trends of consumption adapting to the digital age.

From iTunes and its shift towards digital, to the iPod and the ability to listen to music anywhere, Apple god aire fresh to a musical sector that was crying out to join the convergence towards new media that prevailed in the world, adapting the way we enjoy songs today.

iTunes laid the first stone

This service allowed users download music digitally legally, leaving aside the piracy that was rampant at that time in the early 2000s. It was a accessible and attractive alternativewhich made the first leap into the digital era, popularizing the individual song sales model, thus adapting to tastes and allowing the consumer to spend only what was necessary.

The minimalist application delighted those who wanted to listen to music from their song library without getting lost in cumbersome menusin addition to giving you the possibility of creating your playlists, made up of the songs that you were so excited about.

The iPod took over

In the same year 2001, Apple launched the iPodallowing users to carry a small device in their pockets with the ability to store inside and play thousands of songs. This guaranteed great freedom, as it allowed you to listen to music at any time and from anywhere. He made music a more personal experience and private.

The arrival of this device resulted in a change in consumer habits, leaving aside the traditional CD players and cassette tapes, which are very limited and much less portable. Furthermore, the iPod was capable of syncing with iTunesputting all the music you had purchased in the application at your fingertips.

recently added apple music

iPhone y Apple Music

Following the launch of the iPhone in 2007, This new trend was consolidated of listening to music. The Californian company's mobile phone integrated music playback directly on the device, forgetting about having to carry with us a specific device to play our favorite songs. In addition, users could now access music platforms from the iPhone easily.

For its part, Apple Music launched in 2015, launching the apple's launch into the music streaming market, offering access to a library of millions of songs, albums and playlists. This put Apple at the head of the smartphone market. music servicesgiving it the opportunity to compete head to head with Spotify, its favorite rival.

Apple has continued to invest in music throughout its ecosystem, leaving its mark on the indelible music market, making each device a gateway to a universe of songs and emotions. His impact has resonated not only in the music industry, but also in the lives of millions of people.

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