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Aptoide comes to our iPhone with an exclusive store for Europe

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Aptoide, the popular alternative to Google Play for Android devices, launches into the third-party app store market for iOS in the European Union. This is the first store focused exclusively on games since the EU Digital Markets Act (DMA) rules came into force.

The launch of the Aptoide game store for iOS will be held closed on Thursday, with access initially restricted to users with invitation codes. Aptoide claims to have a waiting list of 20,000 signups and plans to issue between 500 and 1,000 codes per day. This limited release will allow the platform monitor opinions of the first users.

Exclusive launch on iPhone

The Aptoide store for iOS will launch with seven games, made up of a fairly standard set of popular titles like Solitaire, Charade and Mahjong. However, the company claims that the store will end up “offering content from a variety of developers.” Aptoide ensures that “100+” iOS developers have shown interest in the platform, and that 30 offers are currently in the integration process.

Aptoide iOS

Unlike other Aptoide app marketplaces, the iOS store will focus solely on games for now, and the company plans to add new titles to the store every week after their launch. Aptoide CEO Paulo Trezentos stated that the service could be expanded in the future to offer additional content and services.

Notably, Aptoide is also the first European third-party marketplace for iOS to launch with an Apple-approved in-app purchasing (IAP) solution, which it will offer to developers via a software development kit (SDK). for IAP.

Apple's commission costs

The company is taking a new approach to offset Apple's 50 cent Basic Technology Fee for each annual store installation. Instead of passing it on directly to users in the form of a subscription, the cost will be covered by a commission to be charged to developers for in-app purchases. “This means that IAP-powered apps will be preferred on Aptoide iOS,” says Trezentos. “Hopefully, one day the CTF is not charged, we will be able to serve more developers as the unit economics change.”

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Other alternative iOS app stores that have launched in the EU have established their own ways to bypass the CTF. Setapp it currently absorbs the fee, but says it will be included in the Setapp Mobile subscription price in the future. For its part, AltStore PAL It covers the fee through an annual subscription of €1.50 (plus taxes) for the installation of the application market itself.

The arrival of Aptoide on iOS represents a new panorama for players in the European Union. With a gaming-centric approach and an alternative IAP solution, the store is looking to challenge Apple's dominance in the market.

While the initial launch is limited, the extensive waitlist and developer interest suggest a promising future for Aptoide in the bitten apple ecosystem.

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