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Currently, having good domestic Internet connectivity is no longer a privilege, but has in many cases become a basic necessity, whether it is only used for leisure, for academic work or for jobs that are taken. remotely, that is, yes or yes, good connectivity is already essential in many Mexican homes. Therefore, it is important that it does not fail at any time and that it does not present situations in which we just log in to our computer or mobile device and the connectivity goes away, if everything is fine on both devices, then it may be a problem of the modem, in this situation, TELMEX has issued a warning to its customers, and this is what it is about.

What is the warning that TELMEX sends to its clients?

Well, it is about the voltage variations, what is commonly called a power surge or dip, a situation that compromises all devices connected to the electrical current at that moment, including any internet modem. As a result of this, TELMEX ruled on the matter, warning all its clients to take care of the modems provided by the same company, of voltage variations. Well, when this occurs in a matter of milliseconds, this can cause partial or total damage to the modem.

It is well known that having electronic devices that are not protected against voltage variations will end up breaking down, since the internal damage can become irreparable or if the dips and rises of the electric light are continuous, the internal circuits of the items Electronics are going to wear out and cause maintenance and even replacement.

What to do if the TELMEX modem fails?

In the case of the modem, voltage variations reset it and in this way the connection is lost, it also presents the aforementioned problems, so this equipment may no longer work correctly and may present faults such as turning off and It turns on by itself all the time or it simply doesn't turn on anymore.

If any of these cases arise and you need to change your modem to provide you with a better connection, then what you can do is go change it. Is according mentions On the official TELMEX website what you need is the following:

° Be the owner of the TELMEX service

° Do not present debts.

° Accept the corresponding charge for equipment change. In this case TELMEX points out that, if the modem change is made when modifying the plan or contracting a new service, then that change will be free. If this is not the case, said change will have an additional cost of up to one thousand pesos.

° Have a plan that adjusts to the modem you wish to purchase.

° And, deliver the modem in good condition, since if not, the cost of all the equipment must be paid, this cost will be invoiced in the next receipt.

You can obtain this and information and more by clicking on this link.

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As you can see, electric shocks are a factor that must be prevented, that is correct, they are not seen coming but they are known, which is why having a No Break or an uninterruptible power supply system is essential to protect all our devices that we have at home and thus avoid complications.

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