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Artificial Intelligence recreates Eula from Genshin Impact, this is what she would look like if she were human – Teach me about Science

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Image credits: Holoverse

If Artificial Intelligence has shown us anything, it is that it can excellently and accurately recreate any character we want, regardless of whether it is a character from video games, movies, books or animated series. Whatever the request we make, Artificial Intelligence will always give us good work that will surprise us more and more.

Such is the case of all the images that he recreates of beautiful characters from the digital world, which he imagines and captures in amazing ways, even making it possible for a male character to become his female version, all just by knowing what the indications are. correct for AI to do its wonderful job.

Fans are always curious to know what their favorite characters would look like if they existed in real life, and before the only thing left was to imagine and capture by hand those ideas that crossed our minds at that moment.

Luckily, AI came to facilitate this and many other activities, so followers of thousands of games and other works have been able to take advantage of the ability of Artificial Intelligence, making it portray their favorite characters as if they were people. of flesh and blood that you may encounter at some point.

An example of this is one of the most beloved characters in the role-playing video game. Genshin Impact, Eula, the knight of the Tide. She is a playable character from the video game Genshin Impact and carries behind her, apart from her beautiful appearance, an interesting story that has involved more than one. Eula Lawrence is a noblewoman who is against her clan, because she committed injustices towards the residents of Mondstadt, one of the seven kingdoms in the game.

As a result of this, she is considered a traitor, since they believe that the real victims are them and not the people they harmed. During Eula's childhood, she was subjected to the learning of a noble etiquette that greatly exceeded what was reasonable, which is why Eula disapproves of many customs belonging to the Lawrence clan, although she esteems and preserves the traditional “Dance of the Sacrifice”, which incorporates the “Favonius Sword Technique” into his style.

Due to her talented and kind personality, Eula has become a much-loved character among players of this incredible game. For this reason, many have wondered what Eula would look like if she were a girl of flesh and blood, so they turned to AI and the result they obtained was amazing. We share with you the images that this tool created.

Eula from Genshin Impact: this would be what she would look like if she were human, according to the AI

Image credits: @AI_EmeraldApple
Image credits: @AI_EmeraldApple
Image credits: @AI_EmeraldApple

Eula is a girl with pale skin, eyes with violet and yellow tones, short light blue hair and bangs that fall down her forehead. His clothing and decorations are based on a black jersey that bears the symbol of his clan in silver, with the center exposed and the sleeves and upper part of the body become white and blue, in addition to wearing a belt above his waist, a headband black and a hairpin on its left side. Other items, such as the black gloves she wears and a blue tie, along with her stockings and high boots, give her an extremely elegant appearance, a trait that the AI ​​was able to capture and preserve perfectly.

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