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Autumn activities with a dog – Wojtków Training


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Autumn with a dog – joyful moments in colorful leaves or cold and wet, a dog lover’s nightmare? The approaching rains and early darkness may reduce the desire for crazy fun with your dog – learn our ways to have a joyful autumn with your dog!

If you want to strengthen your dog’s natural immunity, it is worth choosing outdoor activities. Autumn is the perfect time of year for bicycle trips, intensive training or running together. It’s definitely cooler than in summer, so it’s safer for your pet. It’s the perfect time to go to the mountains or take long walks with your dog in autumn.

Autumn walks with the dog

In autumn, it is worth considering a trip outside the city or visiting parks on the outskirts, which is an excellent opportunity for engaging activity. We can go crazy by playing with our dog by tracing scents among colorful fallen leaves. These activities for your dog in the fall bring benefits that will not only strengthen your dog’s immunity and performance, but will also help you avoid the need to lose weight in the spring. A healthy and active dog does not gain weight. Moreover, maintaining an appropriate weight will allow our dog to enjoy healthy joints for longer and better overall health compared to dogs that struggle with overweight.

It is worth taking care of anti-tick protection. Ticks are unfortunately still active in autumn. This state of affairs is influenced by global warming and, consequently, by the extension of the time during which ticks are active.

Autumn activities

What games with a dog do we recommend? You can diversify your autumn walks with your pet by playing together with a tug. Playing together with your dog in autumn is a chance to strengthen your relationship and learn dog language. We can then observe our pet – what he enjoys and which games he likes. If you want to throw the ball – do it in moderation, it is also not the best choice for playing with a puppy due to the strain on the joints and the surface may be slippery due to rain.

Go for long walks and mental games. Hide the treats in the leaves or use the idea of ​​playing hide and seek and hide, for example, the dog’s favorite toy and try to look for it together. You can use a tree trunk to hide the treats in the space between the bark. If you want to have fun with your dog or want to play in the park or in a larger space, but you are afraid to let your dog off the leash, we offer long and durable ropes as a solution.

Training ropes – a way to keep your dog safe in the fall

Training ropes are an excellent choice, especially for longer walks and training sessions with your dog. Why? Here are some reasons:

  1. Greater freedom of movement for the dog: The ropes allow the dog more freedom during walks. By creating a much longer distance between the dog and the handler, they allow the dog to run, explore and sniff, which contributes to the dog’s increased enjoyment of being outdoors. At the same time, the guardian does not have to follow the dog into every bush, which makes it easier to control the animal and allows it to be stopped if necessary.
  2. Working in a larger space: Training ropes allow you to work with your dog over a larger area. They are perfect for exercising from a distance, learning new behaviors and building a bond with your dog in an open space. This is especially important when training a dog, when we want it to respond to our commands in different situations and at different distances.
  3. No pressure on the neck: The ropes give your dog more slack compared to regular leashes, which helps avoid the feeling of pressure on your pet’s neck. This is important because constant tension on the dog’s neck, especially when using traditional leashes, can cause discomfort and pain. Therefore, links are a more comfortable solution for the dog.
  4. Behavior control and learning: Despite greater freedom of movement, the training rope still allows for some control over the dog. This is especially useful when learning new behaviors and commands. The handler can correct the dog or stop it if the behavior requires intervention. The long rope can be used to teach recall and other passwords, while maintaining the safety and control of the dog.

Training links are a perfect tool for dog guardians who want to give their pets more freedom during walks and work with them more effectively in open spaces, while maintaining control and comfort for the dog.

Sniffing games with the dog

In addition to outdoor activities that engage your dog’s nose, such as looking for treats or your dog’s favorite toy, you can also try your hand at nosework. This is a dynamically developing field of cynological sport, involving a team consisting of a dog and its handler who cooperate in the task of finding a hidden scent sample. In the case of nosework, samples may be fragrances such as cinnamon, clove or orange peel. The dog’s task is to detect these odors and inform its handler about finding them. The handler, in turn, must be able to recognize that the dog has detected a scent and reward it appropriately for the work done.

One of the most important aspects of nosework is that it is an activity available to every dog, regardless of its breed, age or temperament. It opens up the possibility of cooperation and play between humans and dogs, which helps strengthen the bond between them. Thanks to this discipline, every dog ​​can use its natural sniffing instinct and develop detection skills. It is not only a great form of activity, but also a great way to meet the intellectual and physical needs of the dog.

Fun at home

If the weather is particularly unpleasant, you can think about playing at home. A sniffing mat, a kong filled with something delicious or a smash box full of goodies are ideas for keeping your pet occupied. Sometimes lying under a blanket on the couch is something you need and it’s worth using this time for closeness.


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