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Back to the classic! Nokia brings back its iconic 90s model – Teach me about Science

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An icon of popular culture and technology is about to see the light of day once again after decades of discontinuation. Of course, we are talking about the legendary Nokia 3210, one of the most popular cell phones of its time and today.

Something characteristic of technology is its impressive way of advancing, since the technological race is not something that stops. Technology companies have their devices constantly evolving, especially if they are mobile devices such as smartphones or smart phones.

Since the launch of the first cell phone, their evolution has been constant, since to this we add the arrival of the Internet and other software that has given them a certain push in their improvement.

Currently, we have cutting-edge technology devices that are capable of performing extremely complex tasks with ease, they have access to the Internet, instant messaging applications, high-resolution cameras, among other tools, which make them the perfect mobile device.

However, before all these smart devices that we know today, it started little by little. One of the first devices, and one of the most remembered to this day, was the Nokia 3210, a mobile phone designed and launched by the company of the same name, Nokia.

We all remember it with ‹‹the indestructible cell phone››, since the quality of the materials with which they were made was very efficient and resistant. With a very characteristic shape, a plastic screen and rubber buttons, this cell phone used to be a 'tough nut to crack'.

Well, it turns out that, in recent days, the company Nokiawho is now part of the company HMD Globalwhich is responsible for the creation and assembly of today's Nokia cell phones, have announced the incredible return of the Nokia 3210.

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The news took place on social networks, where the return of this incredible and nostalgic cell phone design was discreetly announced, which coincides with the 25th anniversary of this same model.

The announcement of the return of this iconic Nokia model has generated a lot of expectation among technology lovers, so how will the Nokia 3210 adapt to current technologies?

We all knew this Nokia model in the late 90s as a revolutionary telephone device, which, in addition to great resistance, also offered us an easy way to send messages and entertainment with very famous games like 'Snake'.

Although neither Nokia nor HDM Global have made any official announcement about what this renewed Nokia model will contain, the bar is very high for fans.

It is believed that it may have a connection to 4G and even 5G networks, access to the internet and, therefore, social networks, a high-resolution camera, and it is even believed that it could have a search engine with artificial intelligence.

They are all just previews created by people who are eagerly awaiting the launch of this cell phone, but, if we are sure of one thing, it is that its return and its adaptation to the requirements of these times will leave more than one of us with our mouths open.

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