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Become an expert in photography for Instagram with this 100% FREE ONLINE COURSE – Teach me about Science

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Do you like professional photography? The “online photography course for Instagram” by Mauricio Schroeder focuses on teaching you how to create photos that are not only visually appealing but also effective in terms of engagement and performance in platform. From learning about the different formats and elements that They work better on Instagram to discover the latest trends in editing and themes, this course is a gold mine of knowledge and practical techniques.

Who is the course for?

One of the best things about this course is that it is designed to be accessible to everyone, without restrictions, regardless of you level of experience. Whether you are a beginner in the world of photography or a professional of the marketing digitalthis course will provide you with the tools and knowledge necessary to carry your skills photographic and your presence on Instagram to a totally different level y superior.

The course is offered from free form a through the Crehana platform and consists of 10 organized classes in 4 modules. Although a certificate of participation is not offered at the end of the course, the true reward You can find it in the content that gives you access to free valuable informationas well as the guarantee of an improvement in your photography skills that you will experience along the way.

Requirements to access the course

To participate in the course, you only need to have a computer with a stable internet connection, have installed Photoshop CC and have a Active account On Instagram. with classes pre-recorded to which you will have unlimited accessyou can learn at your own pace and from comfort of your home.



  • Introduction: This initial section provides an overview of the course and what participants can expect to learn.
  • Before starting: Before the course, this class offers tips and advice to prepare and get the most out of the learning experience.
  • Photography on Instagram: The importance of photography on Instagram, the specific characteristics of the platform and how images can influence the engagement and performance of an account are discussed here.
  • Still photo and stories: This class focuses on the differences between still photos (regular posts) and Instagram Stories, providing techniques and tips for capturing and editing effective images for both formats.
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Product photography development

  • Photographic production: The basics of photography production are covered, including planning, choosing equipment, and setting up the scene for attractive, professional product images.
  • Your workspace: This class focuses on organizing and optimizing the photographer's workspace, ensuring an environment conducive to capturing high-quality images.
  • Product session: Here participants are guided through a product photography session step by step, from preparation and setup to capturing the images.
  • Post-production in Photoshop and mobile app: Post-production techniques are taught using Photoshop and mobile applications to retouch, enhance and optimize product images before publishing them on Instagram.

We publish

  • Export formats: In this class, the different file formats and export settings ideal for Instagram are explained, guaranteeing the best quality and display of images on the platform.
  • We publish: The best part! Steps and best practices for posting images on Instagram are covered, including description, hashtags, and other strategies to maximize visibility and engagement.

Latest conclusions

  • Final Tips and Next Steps: At the conclusion of the course, you will be given final tips to consolidate what you have learned and suggested next steps and additional resources to continue improving photography skills on Instagram.

Link to the course: Sign up and access FREE Online Photography Course for Instagram.

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