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Can I enter the store with my dog?


Not so long ago, pets could only accompany their owners in specific places and spaces. At the moment, however, they are fully acceptable in public transport, many stores, and even shopping centers and workplaces. Of course, there are certain rules, exceptions and guidelines that must be followed. It is also worth bearing in mind that not every store can be entered with a dog, and some stores can only be visited with a small pet in the caretaker’s arms or in a carrier.

Everything you need to know on this topic is in the rest of the article below.

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A dog in a shop and Polish law

A dog in a shop and Polish law

At the moment, none of the Polish laws or regulations have provisions that would clearly prohibit dogs from entering stores. However, many premises have clear signs stating that pets are prohibited in a given space, and animal guardians are obliged to comply with them. This is due to the fact that store owners have the right to manage their facilities as they believe is most appropriate. Moreover, even if they allow dog owners to enter with their pets, they are obliged to maintain appropriate hygienic conditions in the premises, which are imposed, for example, by the Sanitary Inspectorate. This applies primarily to grocery stores.

It should also be noted that a guardian who decides to enter a given store with a pet, even if the owner of the premises consents, has an absolute obligation to take care of the well-being of both the pet and other people staying in the given space. In addition, owners are also liable for any damage caused by the pet.

Can I enter the shopping mall with my dog?

Can I enter the shopping mall with my dog?

The issue of staying with a dog in certain premises is slightly different in the context of shopping malls. In practice, such places are classified as public buildings where entry of people accompanied by dogs should not be prohibited. Then it is only possible to impose certain guidelines on pet owners. They may assume, for example, that the dog must be on a leash or have a muzzle, and that its guardians should have the pet’s health booklet or a certificate of current vaccination against rabies. You should read these types of guidelines before visiting a given shopping mall, as failure to comply with them may result in being forced to leave the building.

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You can go anywhere with a service dog

According to the information provided by the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate, any prohibitions or restrictions on introducing pets into specific buildings or individual stores are absolutely do not apply to assistance dogs. These provisions are regulated by the Act of 27 August 1997 on vocational and social rehabilitation and employment of disabled people.

Owners of assistance dogs are therefore guaranteed the opportunity to enter with their pets all public facilities, shops, national parks and nature reserves, means of communication in all forms, and even various swimming areas. However, it is worth remembering that such a dog should be properly marked, which will help avoid any misunderstandings.

Can you leave your dog in front of the store?

Can you leave your dog in front of the store?

Although Polish law does not regulate the issue of entering a store with a pet, Leaving an animal under the premises unattended may constitute an offense. This applies to situations in which the dog does not have a leash or muzzle and its behavior poses a threat to the surroundings. Then the pet’s guardians may be punished with a fine, a reprimand or even a penalty of restriction of liberty.

At the same time, we should not forget that a dog should not be left in front of a store. These types of situations are often stressful for dogs, and at the same time they are exposed to completely undesirable contact with strangers or even theft. It is therefore recommended to leave your pet at home when shopping, even if the store is located on a walking route.

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Frequently asked questions – FAQ

Is it possible to bring a dog to Ikea?

According to the announcement on the Ikea store website, pet owners can take their pets shopping if it is small and the owners are able to carry it in their arms or in a bag/carrier. Dogs are not allowed to move freely around the store or stay in the restaurant. In addition, the message also states that it is unacceptable to transport animals in shopping carts.

Is it possible to enter Żabka with a dog?

Currently, there are no clear guidelines on whether dogs can be entered into the area of ​​each Żabka. Some property owners fully agree to this, while others are definitely “no”. Before entering the store, it is worth asking the seller if your dog can go shopping with you.

Is it possible to enter Castorama with a dog?

Unfortunately, the vast majority of Castorama stores prohibit the introduction of pets, primarily out of concern for their well-being. There are often forklifts moving around the store area, from which the dogs could not be visible. This ban, of course, does not apply to assistance dogs, and guardians of other pets can always ask the store staff whether their pet will be welcome inside.

Is it possible to enter Biedronka with a dog?

Biedronka is another chain of stores that clearly prohibits dogs from entering their premises. Messages regarding this issue are posted on the entrance door, and pet owners are obliged to comply with them accordingly.

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