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Can you touch puppies after birth? · Babuzoo Blog


For most people, the first thought that comes to mind when we see something puppies after birth is most often: “ooh, how cute.” The mere sight of these small, blind creatures puts many people in a positive mood. Can you pet them or hold them? Every breeder, even of various breeds, knows the rules regarding the first hours of puppies’ life. But do you know them? Find out whether touching puppies during the first 48 hours is safe and, above all, whether it will endanger the health of newborn puppies.

How to care for puppies in their first moments?

The first weeks of life are the most important time for puppies’ development. Little dogs after birth they are blind and deaf, and the dog’s mother takes excellent care of them. Newborn puppies they are just adapting to their new life and their main activities are eating, crawling and sleeping. Newborn puppies’ sense of smell is also very limited, so they are unable to detect the scent of their new owner. They rarely leave the den, and the female dog is with them almost all the time. The most important thing about taking care of babies is feeding them properly. The female dog controls her babies, feeding them when they need it. Your task is, first of all, to make sure that each of them eats the right amount of food, after which they grow and gain weight. Of course, touching puppies whenever we want is not the best idea because we expose them to unnecessary stress. However, the female dog will not reject the puppies because of our smell, because she knows it very well and does not have to worry that we will hurt her dogs.

Puppy diseases – how to protect your dog from them?

Before holding babies in the first period of life, it is always worth washing your hands thoroughly. They should also be isolated from contact with other dogs if we have more than one. Taking care of a puppy is not difficult, it just requires a little patience. Providing the mother and the young with a separate room where they can have peace and quiet will certainly contribute to their better development. Of course, the entire birth and first days of life should be consulted with a veterinarian who will carefully examine your dogs and rule out any abnormalities in their development. Small dogs, just like people, can be born with various defects or become ill immediately after birth, so it is important to talk to a veterinarian about possible abnormalities and how to avoid them.

What are the reasons why a small dog may be rejected?

It’s hard to find a specific reason why the female dog rejects the puppies. This may happen for health reasons, because most often the young are rejected because they are unable to survive for some reason. Sometimes the maternal instinct in a female dog does not awaken at all after pregnancy puppies after birth they are left to their own devices. In such a situation, you have to take care of them. Make sure that food is provided in appropriate quantities, that they meet their physiological needs and that they receive a lot of care and love, which is just as important as it is for humans. Appropriate socialization of a small pet will affect its peaceful, adult life. While providing love and food is the easiest thing, the physiological basics require patience. female dog by licking puppies after birth after crunches means that they are able to take care of their needs on their own. This time, this role is passed on to you, and proper massaging of young animals will allow you to provide them with these things. Massaging should be gentle and only until the puppy relieves itself.

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