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Cat smell in the house – How to get rid of unpleasant odors? · Babuzoo Blog


Every cat owner certainly knows this problem – the unpleasant smell that sometimes appears in our homes despite various cleaning products and regular cleaning. Even if our cat is spotlessly clean, its presence in the house may generate a specific smell that can be irritating to household members and guests. This phenomenon is particularly troublesome in small apartments or at times when windows are often closed. Or maybe the cat smell simply creeps into the carpet, furniture or other furnishings? How to get rid of these unwanted aromas effectively and safely for our pet?

In this article we will deal with this issue. You will learn what are the most common causes of unpleasant odor at home, how to neutralize it and what products are safe for your cat. From natural solutions to advanced air fresheners, find out how to make your home fresh and free of cat odors. Read on to learn proven methods for dealing with cat odors that will make your home smell fresh again.

The smell of a cat in the apartment

The smell of a cat in the apartment is often an inevitable result of being the owner of this furry friend. Cats, like other animals, have natural body odors and secretions that may become more intense depending on diet, health and hygiene habits. Additionally, cat litter boxes, especially if they are not cleaned regularly and thoroughly, can significantly impact the air quality in your home. The unpleasant smell may also come from food residues, toys or beds that absorb cat pheromones and other secretions. If the cat roams the area, which is a natural but undesirable behavior, the urine odor may be particularly intense and difficult to remove. Together, these factors create a specific blend of aromas that can dominate a home environment if not properly controlled.

How to eliminate cat odor in the house

Many cat owners are probably wondering: how to eliminate cat smell in the houseespecially when they start to feel unpleasant cat smell. There are several ways to make your life easier and significantly improve the atmosphere at home.

First, cleaning the litter box regularly and thoroughly is crucial. An improperly maintained litter box is a major source the smell of cat urine in the apartment. Therefore, it is worth using litters with higher absorption and neutralizing odors.

Secondly, regular cat hygiene also affects the smell in your home. Bathing, although rarely enjoyed by cats, can significantly reduce unpleasant odors. Of course, remember that some odors are natural and cannot be completely removed.

Thirdly, it is worth investing in good quality air fresheners and purifiers. They not only mask the smell, but also eliminate allergens and bacteria, which is an additional advantage.

If you’re wondering how to remove cat smell from the apartment the how to get rid of cat smell in the apartment, it is also worth thinking about home remedies. Natural solutions such as vinegar solutions or baking soda can be effective in the fight against odors, but always remember to test them in inconspicuous places to avoid damaging the materials.

Cosmetics in the fight against cat odor – what products are effective?

When it comes to eliminating cat odor at home, cosmetics constitute a separate, but extremely important chapter. Properly selected products not only take care of our pet’s hygiene, but also effectively help neutralize unpleasant odors. The most popular among them are shampoos and fresheners specially designed to combat cat smell. These products contain odor neutralizing substances that are both effective and safe for your cat’s skin and fur.

Another option is odor neutralizing sprays. They can be applied directly to the bed, carpet or other places that absorb the smell of cat urine in the apartment. It is important to check whether these cosmetics are harmless to animals and do not contain harmful chemicals.

Recently, innovative solutions have also appeared on the market, such as air humidifiers with the addition of odor-neutralizing essences or special filters for air purifiers that retain molecules emitting unpleasant aromas.

Remember, however, that before using any new product, always test it on a small area or consult your veterinarian. While caring for the environment of our home, we cannot forget about the health and comfort of our feline friend.


Management the smell of a cat in the house may seem like a challenge, but with the right tools and practices it is absolutely doable. Regular hygiene of the cat and its surroundings, from litter boxes to beds and toys, plays a key role here. Specialized cosmetics, such as odor-neutralizing shampoos or ambient sprays, can significantly help keep the air in your home fresh. If you’re wondering how to eliminate cat smell in the house the how to get rid of cat smell in the apartmentconsider using these products in your daily care.

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