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Essences to help your cat and dog sleep well

Even cats and dogs can have insomnia problems and difficulty resting well. When this happens, they react like us: they become more nervous and stressed, sometimes they are aggressive or act crazy, they are weaker and tired.What…

Large Chinchilla – NetPet

Where does large chinchilla liveLarge chinchilla lives in the coastal mountain ranges of Chile and Peru. It lives in a variety of habitats, including dry, semi-arid and moist montane forests, scrublands and grasslands. The…

Crystals for the serenity of dogs and cats

Stones and crystals for the serenity of cats and dogs Each crystal or stone has its own specific field of action and a vibration which, by resonating with the animal's energies, helps to rebalance them. By choosing the most

How to help your cat and dog rest well

After an accident, one of my four-legged clients began to be terrified of cars. At night he couldn't sleep, as soon as he heard a car he would hide in the closet and start whining. He had skin problems that kept returning, he…

Buying a hamster for your child

Thinking of buying a hamster for your child?Hamsters are popular pets, especially for children. They are small, low maintenance and relatively affordable, making them a good choice for families with limited time and limited…

Elderly dog: how to take care of it

And the behavior? As Fido gets older, he doesn't stop being the loving and wonderful creature that he is. If he doesn't respond to your calls or doesn't feel like playing when you suggest some interesting activity, he