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An artificial intelligence has brought to life one of the Street Fighter martial arts fighters in real life, of course, we are talking about Chun-Li, one of the main and emblematic characters of the video game saga.

With the passage of time, technologies tend to be more refined, more exact, more competitive, since the technological race of companies in this field never stops.

Thanks to the constant competition from technology companies, their progress in recent years has been impressive. New devices and software have been developed capable of performing tasks that previously only a human could.

One of the latest technologies that have been launched to the general public is artificial intelligence, also known by its acronym as AI. A computer program capable of performing complex activities.

According to Amazon Web ServicesArtificial intelligence is an area of ​​computing that is applied to creating software capable of performing complex tasks and learning from experiences, just as a human being would.

Since the launch of these AIs, netizens have done their part by testing this technology to the limit. One of the activities most carried out with AI is the creation of unpublished content, since some of these technologies have a special characteristic that makes them perfect for that work.

Generative AI, or GenAI, are a branch of artificial intelligence where multimedia content such as videos, images and audio can be created, just by textually describing the idea we have in our mind.

It was with GenAI technology that a realistic version of Chun-Li from Street Fighter was recreated, one of the playable characters of the most famous fighting video game of the 80s and 90s, becoming so popular that to this day the video game saga continues. foot.

Image credit: adn40
Image credit: and40

Chun-Li is a martial arts fighter, trained since childhood to be one of the best in the world in various martial arts. She arriving to participate in the 'Street Fighter' fighting tournament.

This avatar was one of the first female characters to appear in video games, especially those involving fights, managing to position itself as one of the public's favorites.

Chun-Li is a female character who wears a characteristic oriental clothing, the same one with which she goes out to fight, she has a thin and very flexible complexion, as well as a hairstyle with fringes and collected in what appears to be two buns covered by white scarves and two wrist guards with metal spikes.

This was the possible description that the netizen gave to the generative AI to create that realistic version of Chun-Li that captures all the essence of the character. A thin girl in a blue oriental dress, spiked wristbands. Although her face varies a little, the important characteristics of the character are noticeable.

This is further proof of what today's artificial intelligences are capable of, which continue to constantly evolve. We can only wait to see what other surprises AI can bring us to real life.

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