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Cleaning your hamster cage – Give your hamster a clean home


Hamsters want a clean home

Hamsters are often considered dirty and smelly pets. But this is not true as they are very clean animals.

Hamsters spend a large part of their day grooming themselves and their cage. In the wild, hamsters live in burrows that they keep clean by using their furry tails to sweep away the dirt.

They produce less oil than other types of animals which helps them keep their fur clean and nice.

This means that their fur does not get as greasy and attracts as much dirt. Therefore, hamsters do not need to be bathed as often as other pets.

With the right care in the hamster cage, your hamster will last long and be the perfect pet. If you want to learn more about hamsters, you can read more about them in our big guide about hamsters.

And pure hamster brother

Clean yours hamsterbur Daily

In hamsterbur should be cleaned every day to ensure a clean and healthy environment for your pet. We have done a large test where we went through different types of hamster cages.

First, remove all litter and throw it in the garbage. Then, using a mild soap and warm water, thoroughly clean all surfaces of the cage. Be sure to rinse the cage thoroughly to remove any soap residue. Then replace the bedding with new material. Finally, put in the food and water bowls and any toys or other accessories.

Step by step – Great cleaning your hamsterbur

A clean hamsterbur will make your hamster happy! Whether you have a Syrian hamster or a dwarf hamster, you should clean their home at least once a week. Here are some tips on how to make sure you give your furry friend a squeaky clean home. First, remove all power supplies and throw them in the trash. Then scrub the entire cage using a mild soap and water – paying particular attention to the corners and any nooks and crannies where dirt likes to hide. When the cage is clean, rinse it thoroughly with water and let it dry completely before adding new litter. By taking these steps, you can be sure that your hamster will have a clean and comfortable home.

Step by step guide – Great cleaning your hamsterbur 1 time a week

  1. Take your hamster out of the cage.
  2. Remove all litter from the hamster cage and throw it in the garbage.
  3. Use a mild soap and warm water to clean all surfaces of the cage. Be sure to rinse thoroughly.
  4. Wash all of your hamster’s toys, using a mild soap and rinse thoroughly with water
  5. Dry everything with a towel.
  6. Replace the bedding with new material.
  7. Wash the food bowl and water bottle with warm, soapy water. Rinse well.
  8. Place the cleaned cage back in its original location.
  9. Fill the cage with fresh food and water.
  10. Welcome your hamster home again! Observe your hamster to make sure it is comfortable in the clean cage.

Cleaning one is quick and easy hamsterbur and it is enough to do a major cleaning once a week. By taking these steps, you can help your hamster live a long and healthy life.

Rinse your hamster's water bottle

Conclusion: Give your hamster a healthy life

A clean hamsterbur is important to your pet’s health and happiness. By taking just a few minutes each week to clean their cage, you can help your hamster live a long and healthy life.

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