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Cost of owning a hamster – Price calculator


What it costs to own a hamster

Hamsters are popular as pets, not least for families with children, because they do not require much maintenance and are relatively cheap to run.

However, there are still some costs that cannot be avoided when you have a hamster as a pet. Much of the expenditure is usually one-off costs such as the purchase of a cage, furnishings, water bottle and food bowl. Then there are regular expenses in the form of litter and food. We have done a best in test where we go through the price picture of different types of hamster cages.

You should also buy some toys and things for the hamster to chew and gnaw on to keep your hamster stimulated. These may also need to be replaced from time to time.

The biggest expense thus occurs in the preparations to create a good home for your hamster. The running costs are then relatively small.

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