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Crystals for the serenity of dogs and cats


Stones and crystals for the serenity of cats and dogs

Each crystal or stone has its own specific field of action and a vibration which, by resonating with the animal’s energies, helps to rebalance them. By choosing the most suitable stone based on your pet’s characteristics and needs, you will help him

CRISOCOLLA. It has a strong relaxing and calming effect on a physical and mental level. It instills serenity and rebalances stress and nervousness. It is of great help in the case of animals stressed by a big change who are unable to accept new situations.

OBSIDIAN: if your pet suffers from post-traumatic stress or has strong fears due to past experiences. Obsidian also dissolves physical tension and eases pain, stimulating relaxation.

ROCK CRYSTAL. A rebalancing stone that prevents the accumulation of stress, nervousness and tension. Place it next to your cat and dog’s bed to encourage rest and a regenerating sleep.

MOONSTONE: if you live with a hyperactive animal, moonstone will be an excellent ally. It promotes relaxation and helps you fall asleep quickly.

DIASPRO IS GOOD: for particularly anxious or emotional dogs and cats. Kambabari jasper balances emotions and promotes calm.

CARNELIAN: if your pet doesn’t rest well because it is prey to strong fears. Carnelian treatments stimulate courage, a sense of stability and optimism.

OPAL: even animals, if they are too tired, struggle to regenerate with rest. Place an opal in your friend’s relaxation area: with its revitalizing properties it will help him recover his energy more quickly.

Natural remedies for happier dogs and cats

Nature provides us with everything we need to feel good. In addition to crystals, there are many other gentle, non-invasive practices that can help your friend feel more peaceful.

For example, animals react very well to aromatherapy. To promote the serenity and rest of your cat and trusty you can choose essential oils of lavender, rose, chamomile, sandalwood or bergamot.

It is very important to remember that animals are very sensitive to odors and that some essences could be toxic if ingested. Therefore for aromatherapy the diffusers must be positioned far from the kennel because they could be annoying. The ideal is to place them on a high shelf, so the most daring cats can explore the heights without being disturbed by strong odors.

Reiki or treatments with flower essences can also provide excellent support, because they work on a subtle level on the energetic and emotional balance of the cat and the dog.

If you want expert help in choosing natural remedies that can help your four-legged friend find peace of mind, discover my naturopathy consultancy for animals and what we can do together.

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