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Designs of the failed Apple Car project are leaked

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One of the most talked about news has been the cancellation of Project Titan. The electric car that Apple has canceled is no longer going to be released. But this does not mean that interesting data is not still known about what could have been and what was not. In this article we bring you information about designs that Californians were thinking about for the car. And we already told you that it is not the typical stylish sports car that many of us could have imagined. Do you want to know all the details? We make them known to you in this article!

It has been the English-speaking news outlet 9to5Mac who has echoed the information. According to what they share, “in reality it would have had a much less sporty design than most would have anticipated.” In fact, due to the focus on creating a car with level 5 driving autonomy, “the most important designs created within the company were less sports-style, and more van-like.”

Thanks to the statements that Bloomberg analyst Mark Gurman has made known in his Power On newsletter, It has been possible to know in more detail what Apple's goal was in the design of the vehicle. In addition, the company itself had also managed to register patents on how they wanted the interior of the cabin to look, as well as different specific elements.

The Apple van, not the car

The reason why Apple's car was going to look more like a van than a car was due to space optimization. To such an extent that «The interior of the space resembles the interior of a private jet«, according to what they explain from 9to5Mac. From the media, they release statements by Gurman explaining how they wanted to mix concepts of a limousine, a private jet, and even a bubble, in order to offer a comfortable experience to the people inside:

The general idea was a minimalist interface, combined with seats typical of a private jet or limousine. I'm told that, inside, you feel like you're in a “contoured bubble.” This incarnation of the car could seat four people comfortably, with seats that could switch between regular chairs, reclining chairs, and footrests.

car seat layout

One of the patents about the design, which we have already made known to you from this same medium, precisely talks about the distribution of the interior space, and how it was going to be modular. There was a cabin in which the distribution of the seats could be changed, so that they were the four passengers face each other, and with a central space in the middle of the seats.

However, this design was not the only one that was planned. From 9to5Mac they announce that there was another formula designed, which It was going to be “practically identical” to Volkswagen's electric van, the ID Buzz. In the statements they share from Mark Gurman, they explain the following:

An earlier design dreamed up by the legendary Jony Ive looked like a modern reincarnation of the 1950s Volkswagen minibus. It was baptized internally as Bread Loaf. The second version was an evolution of that one and looked almost identical to the 2017 Volkswagen ID Buzz prototype.

That design was shown inside Apple long before VW announced its concept, and it may not be a coincidence. Some employees left Apple's car group for the German manufacturer in the mid-2010s.

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