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Development of AI Chatbots without programming”, learn to create and monetize them – Enséñame de Ciencia

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Artificial intelligence is here to stay, since it is now present in practically all the most important activities to which we have access, such as technology, research, science, medicine, mathematics, astronomy, art and programming.

The closest applications that we can see are chatbots, these already operate differently for companies such as the Justo application, Walmart, pharmacies, some restaurants and stores in which they want to speed up customer service and improve response time.

Since the appearance of the ChatGPT chatbot today that was developed by the company OpenAI, thousands of similar applications have been created but for different purposes, which has generated a new way of doing business of serving customers and also obtaining financial profits.

Today we will share with you an important course taught by the important company IBM, which is focused on the development, implementation and monetization of chatbots but without requiring complex programming, which can be a great option for you if you are looking to obtain economic resources from other sources, so pay close attention because it can be quite interesting.

About the course

This course is hosted on the prestigious EdX learning platform, is taught by the IBM company and is under the name “IBM: AI Chatbots without programming”, so far it has enrolled more than 53,600 students.

This course is characterized by being 100% online, it has a flexible schedule that can be adapted to your needs and daily activities, it only requires two weeks of investment in time and the best of all is that it is free, if you wish you can purchase the certificate with a very affordable cost for your pockets.

Course registration: To access this training, you just have to enter the DIRECT LINK, Fill out the form with your data and start learning.

Course syllabus

This training is divided into 5 modules or units, which must be covered in their entirety by the students to obtain all the knowledge, skills and abilities that were designed by the creators of the program. Below, we share the course syllabus in detail:

Module 0: Introduction to chatbots

Introduction to making money with Chatbots

Become an IBM Partner

Sell ​​customers the idea.

Find new clients locally and online

Module 1: Introduction to Chatbots

What are chatbots?

The emergence of messengers and AI

Who are chatbots for?

The chatbot that we are going to build

Module 2: Introduction to Watson Assistant (formerly Conversation)

WatsonAssistant Components




The Do's and Don'ts of Dialog Design

Course interface, credits to EdX

Module 3: Building our Chatbot: Intentions and Entities

Creating a workspace

Setting Chit Chat Intents

Defining domain-specific intents

Defining entities

Module 4: Creating our Chatbot dialog

The default nodes Welcome and Anything else

Creating a Chit Chat Dialog

Conditions and simple answers.

Handling complex dialog flows

Test and export our chatbot

Module 5: Implementation of our Chatbot in WordPress

Implementing our chatbot in WordPress

Installing and configuring the Watson Assistant plugin

Find and solve problems

More advanced concepts

Analyze chatbot conversations

Share science, share knowledge.

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