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Do Cats Understand Their Names? | Prof Pet Food


According to research conducted on cats, it has been revealed that our lovely friends are much more intelligent and understanding than thought. Most of the time, our friends who can understand sounds, speech and words can ignore us even though they understand us.

In the latest scientific studies on cats, it was discovered that cats understand their own names and can recognize and remember sounds. In particular, cats, which tend to respond to sounds associated with a positive reward, can understand many words when trained correctly.

What Should I Do to Help My Cat Understand Its Name?

Because cats are free-spirited and characterful creatures, they may sometimes not respond to people calling them. Likewise, since cats’ focus of attention is narrower, their attention can be distracted by completely different things.

If you want your cat to recognize your voice and respond to its name, you may need a little training. This training can be done quite simply. By following the steps below, you can quickly train your cat to recognize its name;

  • First, buy a treat that your cat likes.
  • Say your cat’s name several times and give treats at varying frequencies each day.
  • After a while, through conditioning, your cat will begin to respond when you say its name.

Although some cats respond to such conditioning training in a much shorter time, you should remember that the training process may be longer for some cats. However, with a regular training process, you can make your cat sensitive to all the words you want in a few weeks.

Cats Also Understand Voice Tones!

In research on cats, it has been discovered that they can clearly understand and distinguish not only words but also tones of voice. Tones of voice, especially those associated with positive and negative topics, may cause your cat to react differently.

For example, if you call your cat with a high-pitched voice to feed him, he may start to like this sound over time. Likewise, when you call in a high-pitched voice, he may come to you and want to play.

Conversely, the tone of voice you use in situations such as bathing or putting it in a carrier is also imprinted in your cat’s memory. Cats, which are very intelligent creatures, can understand why they are called and react accordingly.

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