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Do dogs think? Learn how to understand a dog! · Babuzoo Blog


Have you ever wondered? how dogs think? The answer to this question may be completely different. Every pet owner has certainly wondered how to understand their pet and how to find out what it thinks in a given situation and, above all, what it thinks about its owner. Although it would seem that the knowledge that will provide our pet with basic life functions, such as knowledge of nutrition rules or the number of toys that will provide our pet with entertainment, is sufficient. Over time, however, it turns out that we establish a bond with our animals, which makes us want to get to know our pet better and be able to guess what it is thinking at a given moment.

Does diet influence how dogs think?

It’s similar in humans. What dogs eat has a huge impact on their senses and mind. All ailments related to an improper diet can cause stress and poor well-being in our pet, which may translate into its behavior. Most dogs are huge hungry eaters and will not be picky about what they find in their bowl. Therefore, to provide them with the right amount of microelements, they should be provided with a balanced, high-quality diet and regular meals.

Do dogs think like humans?

Scientists have long managed to dispel the myths that dogs are mindless animals. However, their mind is not as enriched as human’s. What it comes from? Dogs have the ability to learn and base their actions on cause and effect thinking. However, if we lock the dog in a box, he will be a bit distracted for a while, but if we show him how to open it, after a short while he will be able to do it himself. The difference is that a human in a similar situation will know how to get out of the box the second time, while a dog may still be a bit distracted and only after a few attempts will he open it without any problems. This situation is most often observed when teaching the dog various tricks, such as sit or lie down, when we offer our pet treats for a task well done. However, it has an impact in the other direction, because in addition to pleasure, our pet also associates unpleasant situations and we can observe this in the form of his reluctance to leave the house when he hears the word of a vet.

What does your dog think when you’re not home?

Dog thinking is based solely on his experiences and experiences in the past. They only remember what happened to them and are unable to analyze what may happen in an unfamiliar situation. The dog lives in the here and now, which is why it is difficult for him to assess certain situations. However, when we leave the house, the dog knows that we will probably return because it has always been like that and bases its thinking on an activity that repeats itself regularly. Although thinking in dogs is a much lower level than in humans, dogs can often show off their intelligence and do things that we did not expect at all. Although our pets do not always understand us as we would like, it is not worth doubting their potential.

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