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Dog dietitian – when is it worth consulting?


Your canine friend is not only a pet, but also a full member of the family, so it is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that he or she enjoys the best possible well-being and health. A proper diet is the key to your dog’s health and well-being, but choosing food is not always easy. Each dog has its own individual needs, and the wide range of pet market offers a range of different options. He comes to help dog nutritionistwhose services are available thanks to the brand’s cooperation Farmina and KrakVet you can use for free! A consultation with a professional dietitian has numerous benefits for your dog’s health, so you should not miss this unique opportunity.

Find out what a consultation with a dog dietitian can offer you and your pet and how to seek advice.

Professional help


If you are hesitant about choosing food and want to provide your pet with the healthiest possible nutrition, consulting a dietitian is the perfect solution. Pet owners often use advice on feeding their pets that they find on the Internet or hear from friends. However, it is worth betting on professional experiencequalified animal dietitian will select the right food for you in accordance with the latest knowledge in the field of animal nutrition. Thanks to this, you can be sure that your pet will receive all the necessary nutrients in perfectly balanced proportions.

A unique opportunity

KrakVet is the only pet store where you can get free consultation with an animal dietitianand pick up a personalized nutrition plan and at the same time receive discount on high-quality food. Thanks to cooperation with the brand Farmina and program Farmina Genius you have the opportunity to see for free what a consultation with a dog dietitian looks like and get acquainted with the feeding plan prepared by a professional, designed especially for your pet.

Personalized tips

Choosing the perfect food for your pet is not easy. Just like each of us, each dog has its own specific preferences and nutritional needs. They result from factors such as the dog’s age, breed and size, lifestyle, previous procedures (such as spaying or castration), health condition, problems such as allergies or food intolerances, as well as preferences. Dog nutritionist will help you choose the right food that will take into account all these factors – so you can be sure that you will not forget about any important detail.

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Good food at an attractive price

Another reason why it is worth taking advantage of a free consultation with an animal dietitian organized by Farmina and KrakVet is possibility of receiving an attractive discount already high-quality Farmina brand food.

The brand is known for producing the highest quality dry and wet food for dogs and cats, both domestic and veterinary. It has a wide range of grain-free and hypoallergenic foods, distinguished by high protein content and excellent quality raw materials. Only healthy plant and animal raw materials of excellent quality are used to produce Farmina food. Each formula is precisely developed with a specific nutritional need in mind and is rich in tasty meat and fish enriched with a wide range of healthy plant ingredients, including numerous superfood ingredients. The foods take care of the digestive system and immunity, support the coat and skin, and also take care of the joints and circulatory system. The offer is rich in recipes that do not contain GMOs and have a low glycemic index.

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Diet for your dog’s health problems

Farmina news

A dietitian will also help you find the perfect nutritional solution for a pet with specific requirements, which can sometimes be difficult. The personalized feeding plan you receive for your pet will take it into account specific nutritional needs resulting from health problems or specific needs of your pet, resulting from factors such as allergies or food intolerance, overweight or lack of appetite. If you are having difficulty finding the perfect food for your pet due to its special needs, help from a dietitian will be invaluable.

Long-term impact on the pet’s well-being

It is worth using the help of a dog dietitian if you want ensure your pet has a healthy, happy and comfortable life. Keep this in mind an appropriate diet has a long-term impact on your dog’s well-being and health – improperly selected food may result in health problems in the future. With the help of a professional, you will ensure that your pet’s body receives the best possible support through healthy nutrition.

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Dog dietitian – apply for a free consultation


Just complete the short form available HEREto register for free consultation with a Farmina animal nutritionist. Answer a few short questions and wait for the contact – a specialist will contact you to consult your pet’s needs and health condition, and then select the appropriate food. During the conversation you will also receive discount on high-quality food Farmina brand. Not only owners can benefit from consultations dogs – guardians cats they can also seek advice.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity – take advantage of it free consultation with a dog dietitian and take care of your pet’s health and well-being with the Farmina brand!

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