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Dogs that don’t shed hair – get to know 10 breeds


Although a dog is man’s best friend, guardians of long-haired dogs of various breeds, which shed their fur intensively during (and outside) shedding periods, are well aware of how time-consuming cleaning and combing a pet’s fur can be. Moreover, such dogs are unfortunately not suitable for people struggling with allergies, because pet fur is a factor that causes or intensifies allergic symptoms. This does not mean, however, that allergy sufferers and those who love keeping things tidy at home are forced to completely give up having a pet. However, when purchasing or adopting dogs, it is worth considering dogs that do not shed hair or shed it only slightly. Meet dogs that don’t shed hair.

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Dogs that don’t shed hair

At the beginning, it should be noted that, regardless of the type of coat of the dog, dogs will always shed some hair. This, of course, does not apply to breeds that have no hair at all, such as the Xolo, the Mexican naked dog. However, this breed is not the most popular, which means that the number of breeding farms specializing in Xolos is extremely limited and their purchase is very difficult. For this reason, it is worth focusing on pets that have hair instead of standard fur and no undercoat visible on their skin.

shih tzu

Dogs that don't shed hair - Shih tzu

Shih Tzu is undeniably one of the most popular dog breeds chosen by Poles, although it is also very popular in other parts of the world.

These pets, apart from their unusual appearance, are also distinguished by their friendly, sociable and playful nature. The Shih Tzu is perfect as a companion dog, as this breed often considers humans to be their favorite companion for joint activities and for relaxing on the couch.

Shih tzu does not have fur, and instead its body is covered with soft and delicate hair that requires proper care. Due to the fact that these dogs do not have an undercoat, they are suitable even for people suffering from allergies.



The bichon section includes breeds such as the popular Bichon Frize, but also slightly less known dogs, including Havanese, Bolognese and Coton de Tuléar. Each of these breeds is characterized by soft and relatively long hair, and they do not have an undercoat, which is why they are often chosen for houses and apartments with allergy sufferers.

Bichons are joyful, friendly and extremely charming dogs, which is why they successfully win the hearts of people all over the world. However, the breeds included in the Bichon section differ from each other both in appearance and in individual character traits, which is why the choice of a dog should be carefully considered.


Dogs that do not shed hair - Maltese

The Maltese is a small, snow-white dog that is also classified as a bichon, and its full name is the Maltese bichon. In Poland, however, these dogs are slightly more popular than, for example, the Bichon Frize, or the Havanese or Bolognese – not to mention the Coton de Tuléar.

Maltese dogs are described as intelligent, active and playful dogs who also love the company of their owners, which is why they sometimes do not tolerate loneliness. The breed has a friendly attitude towards both people and other pets, which is why it adapts to almost all conditions. In addition, the Maltese does not have classic fur, but rather delicate and smooth hair without undercoat.

A bottle

A bottle

There are four varieties of poodles, including the poodle big, mediocre, miniature and toy. However, these quadrupeds have a number of common features, including a specific coat without an undercoat. It has a woolly structure, which makes poodles often resemble cute sheep. The breed, regardless of its variety, is also referred to as exceptionally intelligent and susceptible to various training. In addition, poodles are also loyal and devoted to their owners, and their friendly disposition makes them excellent company in all conditions.


Dogs that do not shed hair - schnauzers

Even though schnauzers (e.g. miniature, medium or giant) have a rough coat and undercoat, these dogs generally do not shed. This means that the breed will appeal primarily to people who value order, although it will not be suitable for allergy sufferers. Moreover, schnauzers also have a relatively high demand for exercise and physical activity, so they will not always be happy in a small apartment in the city center. The breed is also very often not resistant to long-term loneliness, and the lack of company can contribute to a significant deterioration of well-being and behavioral problems.



Among terriers, the most popular is the Yorkshire terrier, although breeds such as West Highland white terrier, Jack Russell terrier, Cairn terrier, border terrier, Boston terrier, Welsh terrier and Bedlington terrier are also popular.

The well-known and popular Yorkie is a breed recommended especially to allergy sufferers, because its representatives do not have an undercoat and have hair instead of fur. Most of the other breeds in the terrier section are characterized by classic fur, although these dogs do not shed it excessively.

Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound

The Afghan Hound is considered one of the most beautiful and spectacular dog breeds in the world. These quadrupeds are characterized by large sizes and extremely long, thick and silky coats that require regular and time-consuming care. However, the Afghan Hound does not have an undercoat, which means that the breed has a reduced allergenic potential. It is similar in the case of the Italian Greyhound, a small dog with a lively and joyful disposition. However, this breed has a standard, although extremely short and smooth coat that does not shed excessively.

The purchase of a greyhound should be carefully considered, as these creatures have an extremely strong hunting instinct, and appropriate permission must be obtained for their possession and breeding.

Water dogs

Dogs that do not shed hair - water dogs

The Portuguese and Spanish Water Dogs, as well as the Irish Water Spaniel, are breeds that have both fur and an undercoat. Their coat, however, turns out to be somewhat specific, as these quadrupeds shed only minimal amounts of hair. It should be noted that these breeds may sensitize people suffering from allergies.

As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that Barack Obama, former president of the United States, currently has a Portuguese water dog named Sunny.

Chinese crested dog

Chinese crested dogChinese crested dog

The Chinese Crested Dog comes in two varieties – naked i powderpuff. The former has essentially no hair on almost its entire body except for its limbs, head and tail. The Powderpuff variety is characterized by a two-layer coat with long and soft hair. Each variety sheds only small amounts of hair, but powderpuff is not suitable for allergy sufferers due to its dense undercoat, which is a habitat for allergens.

Crested dogs are classified as miniature breeds and are described as joyful, intelligent and extremely sociable. However, these dogs do not tolerate loneliness well.

Lhasa apso

Dogs that don't shed hair - Lhasa Apso Dogs that don't shed hair - Lhasa Apso

The Lhasa Apso is one of the original breeds derived from Tibetan dogs. These four-legged dogs are currently classified as decorative and companion dogs, although in the past they were bred to serve as guards in monasteries and palaces located in the Himalayas.

The Lhasa Apso is an energetic and playful dog who willingly engages in all kinds of outdoor activities. The breed is characterized by long and thick fur, as well as an abundant undercoat, which protects against low temperatures. For this reason, the Lhasa Apso will certainly not be a good choice for allergy sufferers, although it will work well for all people who want to limit the amount of hair on the surface of their house or apartment. The breed sheds only small amounts of fur, and its specificity makes it easy to remove hair even from carpets and various upholstery.

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