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Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon merge! This is what one of the most powerful “fusions” in anime would look like – Teach me about Science

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Image credits: Instagram @tani_pinta | PNGWing | IGN | Teach me about Science

The world of anime is one of the vastest, you find characters for everything and for everyone, something that is excellent, since you can't stay with just one, yes or yes more than one wins our attention. So when we have more than one favorite or well-known character, it is normal for us to start imagining what they would look like if they were merged, leaving us thinking about what certain aspects of their image would be like, such as the face, hair, body and even the smile, without also forgetting what powers the new character would acquire and even what his voice would be like, this situation becomes even more curious when two characters that are very different from each other merge. Something that is very interesting and that you will find in this note when you know what the great Goku and Usagi from Sailor Moon would look like.

Character fusions became very popular thanks to the arrival of the internet and a video game that marked the childhood and adolescence of many of today's gamers; Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3, a video game that took the presence of Akira Toriyama's masterpiece in video games to another level that so far has not been able to be surpassed. Well, thanks to that video game fusion With the internet, many players, through mods, began to make fusions between characters from the same anime. This began to gain great popularity, therefore, it didn't just stop there. This transferred to other characters from other animes, such as the fusion of Goku and Naruto, Vegeta and Ikki, or Goku Saitama, to the extent that characters from the other side of the pond were taken, Goku and Superman, Goku and El Chapulín Colorado, but that It's another story.

As a result of all this and in a more illustrative way, several fanarts began to be made, in which a more purely artistic way is exposed of how some characters would look fused together. This is how it can be seen in the following fanart, where two of the most powerful heroes of their respective animes merge to show their great value and image, and this is what resulted.

Image credits: Instagram @tani_pinta
Image credits: Instagram @tani_pinta

As you can see, the images show a quite muscular Usagi, which comes from Goku, with hair that is black but turns gold, the costume is evidently that of Goku, in the first image; while in the second you can see more of Usagi's classic costume but as we mentioned, with the muscles that characterize Goku.

You may not consider this fusion valid since, if you are a fan of Dragon Ball Z's red bone, you will know that certain requirements must be met such as strength, possessions or potara tendrils. But it is not for us to take it so personally, let us remember that it is a fanart created by the Instagram user @tani_pintasomething that makes it excellent, since it is pure imagination that is not so far from reality, within the anime, of course.

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