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Essences to help your cat and dog sleep well


Even cats and dogs can have insomnia problems and difficulty resting well. When this happens, they react like us: they become more nervous and stressed, sometimes they are aggressive or act crazy, they are weaker and tired.

What prevents dogs and cats from sleeping peacefully?

  • Fears and traumas
  • Excess stimulation and mental overload
  • Hypersensitivity/hyperactivity syndrome
  • Emotional disorders such as stress, separation or abandonment anxiety
  • Pain, ailments and illnesses
  • Incorrect nutrition
  • Lack of adequate physical activity

If the problem is not resolved, they may become ill or develop behavioral disorders that make their life and coexistence with human companions difficult.

If your friend has difficulty resting, you can help him with flower essences and some practical tips. Let’s see them together.

Help animals slow down and rest

Domestic dogs and cats live in a busier world than their wild cousins.

In nature, animals follow cycles of activity and rest regulated by their needs and habits, without external interventions. The lifestyle of the cat and the dog is different, it has times and schedules that do not always agree with nature or needs.

If an animal in nature is too tired, it rests as soon as the situation around it is calm and there are no emergencies.

However, if Fido is in the middle of a walk in the mountains with us, his chances of resting are limited by circumstances and our schedule. Same thing for a cat who wants to sleep and instead has to put up with a lot of noise because you decided to throw a party.

Dogs and cats need quiet.

To help them rest and feel well, learn about their needs and create a routine that alternates moments of shared activity and play with moments when your animal friends can simply be quiet, play on their own or rest.

Life in the open air for a good rest

Even animals that live in the city need contact with nature to feel good, express themselves and satisfy their evolutionary needs.

For cats and dogs, the natural world is a hunting and exploration ground, a space to interact with their peers and in which to recharge their batteries. Fresh air and the sun give energy and well-being to the body and promote natural regeneration processes, helping it to stay healthy.

Kitty doesn’t like trips out of town but will be delighted to be able to explore the garden or nap on the balcony. Make sure the interior space of the house is stimulating for him, well lit and ventilated.


Flower essences for calm and rest

With lifestyle adjustments and healthy contact with nature, your pet’s transient sleep problems should disappear in no time.

If this does not happen, you must consult your veterinarian and carry out all the checks to exclude the possibility of diseases or physiological causes. I’m sorry for my cat and my friend but it’s for their own good.

In most cases, however, sleep disorders in animals are caused by some emotional distress, such as trauma or a situation of suffering due to character or behavioral traits.

In these cases, flower therapy can be of great help.

Flowers are messengers of vibrations and help those who take them to rebalance negative emotions that cause discomfort or disturbances. They are therefore excellent for working with animals, which cannot process emotions through speech but are very sensitive to subtle forces.

In the Bach Flower repertoire there are many essences that can help an agitated or hypersensitive animal to find calm and rest well:

  • Aspen for reactive dogs and cats who become easily agitated. It dissolves stress and anticipatory anxiety. It is useful in cases of abandonment syndrome or separation anxiety.
  • Cherry Plum for animals that become agitated and very active in response to an extreme fear such as fear of scooters or the vet.
  • Agrimony for animals that become hyperactive in response to severe stress or suffering. It is useful for helping cats and dogs to free themselves from stereotyped behaviors.
  • Mimulus for animals that cannot sleep due to anxiety or fear. Useful for dissolving negative emotions associated with traumatic events such as accidents or attacks by other animals.
  • Walnut for dogs and cats who have lost the serenity and ability to rest well following a big change such as a move or separation from a family member.
  • Star of Bethlehem to calm emotions and heal emotional wounds associated with deep shock and trauma.
  • Vervain for excitable and hyperactive dogs and cats, who cannot manage their energy and behave in an exaggerated and chaotic manner.

These are of course just small suggestions because in flower therapy there are no standard treatments. There are many different floral repertoires and the essences are always selected based on the person or animal to be treated, their specific characteristics and the difficulties they are experiencing.

If your dog or cat has difficulty resting and you would like to help them find peace of mind, discover my services dedicated to animal welfare and remember to sign up for the newsletter to receive new advice every month.

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